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  1. Hi,


    First of all, many thanks on a very useful and instructive forum!


    I'll try and make this brief, I'm in Australia and have been for two years now. I have a Barclaycard debt of 5500pound which i've been working hard to pay off - until febuary this year when I ran into financial trouble and couldn't pay any off until 100pound last week.

    My property in the UK is now finally sold and the money (around 8 grand - some of this will be used to clear an overdraft) will be going into my UK barclays current account in the next few days. Will barclaycard be able to help themselves to it before I have a chance to call them and arrange repayment terms?

    Can Barclaycard help themselves to this money? I had a letter from RMA requesting full payment blah blah blah within 7 days, so I'm assuming if it's been passed on then I can see how much I've got left then offer them a fixed sum...


    I know they're perfectly within their legal right to do this, I'm just wondering if they would or not.


    Should I call my branch of Barclays that the current account is with and explain this to them? Or am I merely worrying unnecessarily?

    My plan is to close my UK accounts anyway once the overdraft is cleared.


    Any help would be appreciated!



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