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  1. I wish they'd trawl through this one, I've only been able to put a fraction of what has happened on this thread but the incidents and complaints stretched to a full 7 sides of A4 paper from doctors messing up, admin mess ups - too numerous to mention - down to ridiculous events on in-patient experiences. Incidents that were all brought to the attention of those in charge happened again and again each time followed by an apology with a promise of 'it won't happen again' If we couldn't have laughed about it at times, we'de have gone mad. Perhaps some of the journalists can't or don't read ev
  2. Brian48, you're not the only one who can't take any further action. I can't either unless I want to spend thousands on a solicitor. Still waiting for some twit to call me back. If these people have a complaints procedure why can't they actually do something for the patients instead of paying some top bod with a fancy title mega bucks or our money to sit on his a*** and let his so called admin staff lie, distort, fob off, make excuses and give out meaningless apologies. Not too sure how it works in Scotland but you should have a good case through a solicitor. There should be some sort
  3. Still going on. I agreed to accept their so called goodwill offer on MY OWN behalf to cover MY OWN out of pocket expenses caused directly by maladministration which they've admitted to - several times - but still haven't put it right. Finally got the letter I was expecting, only 3 weeks late so that's an improvement on 2 months. They sent me a form to sign for this so called good will payment, would you believe a 'release from any liability of this Trust in full and final satisfaction of any claim arising from the care of your son' form and they're wondering why I won't sign it. That fo
  4. Oh what joy, here we go again. Letter promised, not received, not done, forgotten about by the looks of it. Phone call promised, not received. On the plus side I have been offered a gesture of goodwill payment to cover what all this lot has cost me trying to support my son during discussions of more possible surgery. My son, having been ignored, forgotten, not treated when he should have been, hospital in patient treatment not being particularly good, being messed about with appointments etc., has been offered absolutely nothing. He lost earnings, potential earnings and had a fair f
  5. Well, my son wasn't 'damaged' so the solicitor says they won't take on the case on a no win no fee basis probably due to the fact that any payout wouldn't be high enough for them and there's no way we could even consider taking on the NHS other than on a no win no fee deal. On the plus side, the GMC haven't ruled out making a report to the Trust and asking for clarification although they have said the information given didn't meet their criteria for an investigation. The GMC asked for my permission to 'share' the information to make the Trust fully aware there had been a complaint and to
  6. The GMC are NOT going to investigate this doctor anyway and even though their leaflet clearly says a doctor must make clear, accurate records so what is the point of the GMC if they don't do what they say and don't take any disciplinary action unless more than one issue is highlighted. Don't they realise that patients are reluctant to complain in case it affects their on going care? We only complained after a catalogue of complaints this was just one of the incidents but it was one of the more serious ones. Yes my son's health was put in jeopardy. He had undiagnosed arrhythmia or flutt
  7. Hi Bazza and thanks for the information. The errant doctor did apologise but it was unclear from his apology whether he had in fact put anything on the medical notes. From his apology letter it was very clear he had no idea that the test result was not available or certainly wasn't reviewed 12 months later. Treatment my son had from July 2013 was entirely down to what was found on tests carried out in July 2013 and certainly not 12 months before that. It was confirmed that my son's notes were certainly not completed and the information given to this doctor in 2012 was not recorded at a
  8. Well we have a sort of result after a second investigation was carried out by people who know what they are doing. We have an admission that a doctor didn't make any notes on medical records and an admission that the trust was guilty of multiple administration errors. As far as the GMC is concerned, I was asked by the medical staff not to pursue complaints with the GMC relating to the errant doctor and out of respect for the medical staff I agreed not to carry on with that. Unfortunately the GMC may not take the same view, they have said they may need to contact me again as they feel th
  9. We now have a partial admission that my son's notes were incomplete and we have yet another statement that there is a 'robust' system being put in place to ensure tests requested by doctors are actually recorded. A bit late and it's another one of those 'not holding my breath' for that to be done. What an absolute shambles. The Ombudsman isn't doing a fat lot and as far as the Department of Health and the 'wonderful' Health Secretary is concerned; their response to a complaint is it has to go to the Trust concerned, they are not prepared to do anything. What the **** do they think we'v
  10. A response from my email about their rubbish admission letter. They're going to do a second review of the case. Wonder if they will be able to read it this time or will it just be a case of 'losing' a few more bits out of the file. Oh, and no signed hard copy of this admission letter as promised either, what a surprise. I think I may have caused a slight degree of panic, not sure, but it looks that way. Not only have I kept all the paper trail but unfortunately for them I have also recorded some of the phone calls as well especially the ones where they promised to call back and didn't
  11. Oh how I wish these people would stop messing about and realise I don't appreciate being messed around by incompetent twits. I got this wonderful copy letter via email from this doctor through the Directorate of Management. He met with the Directorate of Management, fancy title, loads of money, no idea what it's doing, and he said, I'll quote the first bit you couldn't make it up: Thank you for meeting with me to discuss Mr.XXX care. Following a detailed review of the case, it is clear that a 24 hour tape was requested in clinic and performed in August 2012. Regrettably the result
  12. It looks like things are moving forward, well a little at least. The doctor who messed up in the first place by leaving my son for 12 months with no monitoring, no care, nothing has now finally been contacted after a year of persistence. He has admitted he didn't fully complete my son's notes. He has admitted he didn't review a test that clearly showed there was a problem, this is on top of the admissions already made by this trust relating to the administration staff messing up big time. I am supposed to be getting a statement from the trust about this doctor's action, or in his cas
  13. Don't get me wrong on this lot, my son has received some excellent treatment especially since one very concerned consultant started to manage his case. I can't praise this consultant enough. It was a combination of one doctor in the first place not fully recording what he was told. This was then followed by a sequence of administrative blunders which they have admitted - in writing - several times!!! But the one thing they are still being very cagey on is what this first doctor actually did, or rather didn't do and they're still trying to wriggle out of it so I have contacted the GMC t
  14. Shirli, just read your post and I couldn't agree more with the zero tolerance. The NHS expects zero tolerance from aggressive patients so they should also expect zero tolerance from patients who have been unmercifully messed about and badly treated. I now have some sort of final response but it hasn't answered one of the main questions asked as to what exactly did a doctor record, if anything, in July 2012. First I was told the doctor had left the trust and couldn't be contacted. Then at a meting I pointed out they had his GMC number so that was no excuse and was promised they would
  15. Shirli, thank you for your input. Still battling still seem to be getting brick walls but as for social media, I have no idea how to go about that. Now have a final response for what it's worth. They offered a small amount of refund for out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings etc but it nowhere near covers what this has cost. Added to that they sent an update of their action plan which was nothing short of a joke. They're saying everything has been completed which, after further problems, lost notes etc., is certainly not completed and I've told them that. They also wanted me to accept
  16. Ombudsman has been informed and even they cannot get this crowd to respond and what's more even after complaints about mistakes, they're still making the same mistakes and on top of that at the last appointment they lost his notes AGAIN. This is a heart patient for heaven's sake, no chance of any compensation unless he has been harmed. What the hell do they think they've done so far? We're expected to just put up with apologies and the same thing happening within a short time of these apologies. Nobody seems to want to take responsibility and they certainly don't want to discuss anything so
  17. No idea about any second opinions, very difficult to get that as it would need to be done by a specialist heart centre. It was well known that open heart surgery would be needed but when the keyhole procedures were improved it was assumed this would be a success. It wasn't and apparently there's no way it would have been, case too complex apparently so why try it? No proper tests, scans etc done for over 3 years so any amount of damage could have been caused in that time. Just have to go with it now, that is if they ever get around to it. Not holding my breath.
  18. Complaints still going on. Promised further investigation results which should have been received over a week ago. Keyhole surgery not successful so now its full blown open heart which I'm pretty sure could have been avoided if monitoring had been done instead of having an important test result lost and treatment delayed for 12 months. Was assured that action had been taken on some complaints but it clearly hasn't. There must be something that can be done, a serious heart condition and all the stress because of incompetance? Probably easier to just lay down and give up then the relatives c
  19. Thank you Carla 313 for the information. At the moment some of the complaints are being dealt with, or so I have been told, but by far the most concerning was that file notes were not properly recorded. Assurance has been given that there has been no damage caused by the total lack of treatment but there is no way of proving this one way or another. Only 1 test was done in a 12 month period and even that wasn't looked at, somebody lost the results. There is just no way of knowing whether damage was caused and trying to prove anything I think is impossible. At the moment things seem to be
  20. Hi Breeda Have a look at the hospital website and it should tell you the process to complain. It may be through PALS or directly to the chief executive, either way put everything in writing. If you are sending a letter send it as recorded and signed for, if you send an email then put a flag to show they have received and read it. Don't be put off by being told they will get back to you in X number of days. Allow a couple of days and start pestering, phone PALS, ask for a case manager and don't be put off. Stay calm but firm and keep pestering if necessary. I've just had to go throug
  21. The narrowed heart valve was confirmed by ecg, echo, MRI scan and CAT scan but although it was pretty obvious something was not right, there was no monitoring, apart from one test where the results were 'lost' 20 months ago. There was an urgent admission last year due to arrhythmia but for 12 months no one had even mentioned that and it was pretty obvious on the admission to hospital that this was a big problem. It looks like the problem had been there for a year without any medication, monitoring or anything else for that matter and the constant high heart rate may have contributed to the
  22. Unfortunately we have now found out that arrhythmia was not diagnosed in 2012 and it should have been. On top of that this year, some 18 months after the first incidents occurred, all of a sudden a heart valve was reported as narrowing which again could have been prevented had the first doctor done his job and properly recorded the problems as told to him in 2012. It's unfortunate but it looks like we have to just put up and shut up even though we know there was definite negligence with a doctor not making proper notes and causing the consultant not to investigate as all the facts had
  23. Thank you for the replies. I did contact one solicitor just to ask questions but his attitude was one of 'well the procedure is going to be carried out so you are not going to lose out on that score and there hasn't been any damage so you just have to accept mistakes were made and they're putting it right'. Surely that can't be right? We're expected to have a serious problem for a year, it's not investigated due to some quack not completing the notes properly and then expected to just drop everything to suit them, is this correct? There wasn't any pain but there was suffering w
  24. Can anybody clarify whether any of the following incidents would be seen as medical negligence and can any claims be made if they are? Had an annual check up in a specialist centre, reported to the doctor that some palpitations had occurred. He noted only one occurrence but there was one long one and several shorter occurrences which he was told about. Information was only partially recorded Had a 24 hour monitor but didn't receive results so thought everything was OK. Regular annual check 12 months later and was taken straight into hospital as an emergency but there was no recor
  25. Contact PALS and keep up the pressure. My son asked for a letter from a consultant so that he could go to a gym and being a heart patient he wouldn't be accepted without it but obviously he really wants to make sure he is doing everything to help his condition. The consultant gave the excuse he did not have a secretary at the moment so could give no guarantees. The whole system is a complete shambles so unfortunately the only way is to keep up the pressure to get what you need. Good luck and all the best
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