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  1. A few questions. 1. If he didnt sign a contract letter and was just verbal, he cant make any claim. As there was NEVER A FORMAL Agreement ??? 2. If he sent an email, is that not as good as a formal letter ? Please correct me if am wrong
  2. Hello Guys, i got a call from a shipping company in London, which offered me a web development contract and asked me to start on the 17th of june, and gave me the terms of contract, which i took home to read, but started work, later in the week, i complained about a few things in the contract to be amended, which the company promised to. But week after week, nothing was done, at the end of the month, i submitted an invoice and nothing was done, and when i asked when i will be paid, they told me to take a day off, then two days, then a week, then i was told not to come again. and when i ask about the invoices i submitted, i am told the money is in my acct, as it was paid today, and when i complain, then they say in 3 days, then they say they have problems, then its another excuse. Now they are not replying me. I wrote citizens advice bureau http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/ who said they haven't got an expert in house, but asked me to take them to court. Am honestly confused. As i cant believe such is happening here in london. The most annoying thing, was i moved from the former city i was living to london and bought a few materials for the project they asked me to work on and i have a daughter and responsibilities which i cant see to. Its been one month since i left them to date August 13th 2010 What do i do ? thanks
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