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  1. Yes but it's a general market, and would be difficult not to encroach on their contact list. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi guys and girls, Hoping for a little advice here. I resigned a few weeks ago from my previous employer, for a multitude of reasons. One reason was that I saw the contract contained some fairly hefty restrictive covenants (ie, no compete for 3months), and I had wanted to set up my own business for some time. So I made the decision to resign before signing the dotted line. I only worked for this employer for 6-7 weeks. I have since been setting up a small business, in the same field, working as a sole trader. Today, I was emailed by my ex-MD, stating I was in breech of my contract and h
  3. Sorry my post wasn't very clear - I was only there for 7 weeks. I've nothing in writing from the employer, other than my offer of employment letter, and my email correspondence with my boss since leaving. Yes, I have been in contact, we've exchanged a few emails - but he's no longer replying... Thanks
  4. Hello all, I resigned two weeks ago (amicably, in good fashion and with my employer not wanting me to work out any notice). I'm owed around 2500-3000 pounds for around 7 weeks work - I should have been paid the day before I resigned - however, I wasn't. During my resignation interview, my boss said my payslip was on its way and I'd be paid in a few days - all good I thought, shook hands and I left happy. However, alarm bells started ringing late last week, when I began chasing up my wages - my employer stated he was going to pay me by cheque (should have been BACS usually) and that it was
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