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  1. It amazes me how people get a good deal and still complain and whine. You got 20% off, what do you want another 20%? It was obviously an error, I doubt you will get anywhere with this..
  2. I knew I was right! Surprising that the a manager in a store doesn't know this and I do as a sales colleague.. I just feel sorry for most of the customers that have to deal with these people, as it makes it very stressful and frustrating.. I would know! If managers just did these things and didnt make such a massive fuss then maybe pc world and currys woulnt get such a bad reputation for insurance policies.. Glad you got it sorted though!
  3. Hi C-130, What part of the company do you work for? I work on the shop floor and occasionally on customer service and you can 100% upgrade your vouchers in store. You can process it on the system but enter a new figure required for the appropriate specification, and it will upgrade it to this amount..so your completely wrong. I know this as we have processed a few before with customer and similar issues.. Also if you ring head office they will also tell you the same thing and to go into the store to deal with the issue. With regards to your comment about plasma and LCD.. either one
  4. Hi Ben, I have had an issue exactly the same as yours in the past and I managed to send a letter and got my vouchers sorted in the end..they are basically saying that you neglected the television..which is pretty stupid if you ask me. Anyways please refer to a thread I posted a while back with the letter I wrote. It wont let me link you because I havnt posted enough.. But I am sure the admins will provide a link.. If not click my name and check out my posts you should find it. Obviously you need to change it to relate to your story, but I hope you can use it as a template for yo
  5. The contract is like for like so they legally have to replace it with an LCD, and with a 7in1 card reader. If they don't have another TV with these features you can hold them to ransom.. Basically find the TV with the equivalent spec, go into the store and ask them to upgrade your voucher until it covers the correct like for like replacement. Tell them you rang head office and was told that they can do it in store (which they can I work for the company and did the same thing a couple of days ago). Not sure about the amberlight though, as it doesnt affect the picture its more cosmeti
  6. Hey Juggi, I have had similar problems with Currys before and their "Whatever Happens" warranty. Regarding your post about being disabled and not being able to make it to the store, there really is nothing I can suggest, as I work the company and there is no way of processing your voucher code over the phone or online... Moreover, if you read my previous post then you will know I was also issued with a voucher (after lots of hassle and a stern letter!), and like you I also wanted to pricematch John Lewis. As I work for the company I know for a FACT that they can pricematch using a vo
  7. Update! Hey guys it's been a while since I posted on here, just letting you know what has happened with my whole situation. Basically I sent the letter recorded delivery with pictures, waited about 14 working days, but just before I sent my second letter going to the next stage they actually sent my replacement vouchers! So a good result all round!! All I would say is that throughout the entire two weeks I received no acknowledgment of any kind, not even a phone call. My best advice for people going through the same problem is make sure you explain your story thoroughly, have a
  8. Hey guys, I am have a issue with Pc Worlds whatever happens service, basically they are refusing to repair it. I have read lots of other forum posts but would just like some advice on how much it would cost me if it went as far as submitting an N1 form to a small claims court and if it ever got to court. Just estimates of the overall cost of a court battle (Hopefully wont come to that) Below I will copy and paste the letter I have wrote, would like some advice and tips before sending though. thankyou!! Dear Mr. -----, I am writing to portray my dissatisfaction with your “W
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