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  1. Today we have received a recorded delivery letter from the above company. In October last year i brought a parking ticket at Lusty Glaze car park in Cornwall, I realised I did not have enough time on it so brought another, I put them both in the window but 1 must have blown down when I shut the door. (I have both tickets) When I returned to the car I had a parking charge notice. I ignored this and didn't here anything until January when a letter arrived undated called a notice to hirer, I again ignored this, today have received a recorded delivery letter headed Final Letter Before Debt Recovery or Court action. Any suggestions as my best course of action ? I did not receive the Notice to Hirer which was dated on 05/02/19 which was well over 56 days Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Hi I hope someone can help me..... my husband and I are on a DMP with Payplan have been since March this year. Everything is running fine with DMP, but my husband is now getting letters from debt collection agencies asking for the full amount to be paid or legal action will be iminant !! The letters are getting more threatening but are still computer generated. I have sent copies off today to our payplan adviser but thought i'd ask on here as i have found alot of useful info before on the forums. I am just concerned what action may be taken against us, we are paying what we can afford on the DMP, surely this should be taken into account if any court action were to follow. we have started to recieve call on home number and mobile from a company called DCL, dont answer the calls though just let it ring... I have received a letter saying my MBNA debt has been taken over by Experto Credite, does anyone have any experience of these ??? Starting to get a bit worried, I have to deal with everthing my husband has depression so everything falls onto me. We do own our own house (mortgaged) Thanks to anyone who has any advice or experience to share with me. Holly443
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