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  1. Hi all, i've been reading all of the above and firstly would like to say Well Done to sue!! sounds like some good news there for a change, we could all use that lol Good luck!! xx Ok my position is.... We bought our house through Regency Mortgage Corporation as a right to buy in Oct 2006, now when we took out the mortgage we were told that we could only get an interest only mortgage as we "probably" wouldn't be accepted for anything else, this was before we had even looked at credit history, and to be honest our history was very good. My partner was working full tim
  2. Hi all, i'm hoping someone can help me..... My boyfriend and i have a few joint accounts and we're planning bankruptsy, what i was wanting to know is rather than us both pay £600 each for it, is there any way i can tell companies that we've split up (we haven't) and transfer all the debt to me then just declare bankruptsy for me? I know this is sneaky but please dont judge me, we're just having a tough time raising the money for both of us. We're trying to sort all of our deft out as we haven't had financial difficulties before now and just want to help ourselves out of it. Please co
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