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  1. your post isnt negative its the reason i asked the question. I need to understabnd how to do this without causing a problem for me or any site on the net. It may be better to point people towards just doing a google search on certain key words. I will only be putting these flyers on cars that have been ticketed. i use the car park lots so see the Euro Man most days. Cheers Stuart
  2. Think i might knock somthign together, ill have to be carefull about the wording though. Ill point them here if thats ok? It about time we stook up against these crooks and the Huge companys that hire them to ticket the shoppers of their stores. Raaaa Stu
  3. Just a question regarding these PPCs. The advise on these forums is very good for those of use that search but a lot of people dont they just pay up. Would there be an issue with putting flyers on peoples cars? Ive just been to my local Sainsburys and the Euro Car Parks man was ticketing again. i put a couple of notes on the cars he had ticketed telling the owners to check the internet before they pay anything. i hope that they trakle my advice and at least have a look. Where would i legally stand if i produced a flyer that i could put on cars that have been ticketed? I would like to give the crooks a bit of a hard time and watch them disapear back to the hole they came from. Any ideas would be good Ta Stu
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