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  1. Sorry they are called Nelson Guest & Partners and the original debt was from littlewoods which went to Wescott. I would be gratefull for any help. I would also like to know if I can complain about the solicitors as I don't believe they passed on the budget sheet to the court or have replied to my partner after the court sent them them our letter about the recorded delivery of the budget sheet.
  2. My partner recieved a CCJ from Nelson & Guest of just over £1000. We filled the form with the incommings and outgoings to pay by monthly payments. This was sent back within the time stated by recorded delivery. About a month later we got a letter from the court saying that we had not completed the form and we owed the full amount. We wrote to the court with a copy of the recorded deivery reciept explaining that we sent it in time and couldn't afford to pay that amount. We recieved a letter back explaining there was nothing they could do with the judgement but said they would pass on the de
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