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  1. Thanks thats brilliant. All of my credit cards (4 in total) are Halifax as are 2 loans. One of the loans has just turned into a CCJ and i'm having to pay £150 a month so i don't think i can do anything about that one. I also have a Littlewoods catalogue account. With regards to your message, what makes the agreements enforcable or not? Thanks again for taking the time to answer.
  2. Hi evryone, I've been reading the threads on this site for hours and i can't believe there's so much stuff i don't know Basically i have lots of debt through unsecured loans, credit cards and catalogues amounting to about £20,000. I did start a plan with Payplan but my husband and i split up and its totally got even worse now. I keep reading about things to do with CCA's , can someone explain what this is? I know i probably seem a bit stupid but literally just stumbled upon this site and its already the most helpful thing i've read about debt and already feeling more positive. Thanks
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