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  1. At all? What incentive then there is to pay the debt? Halifax default will go, but Lowell keep reporting to credit agency every month as still owed.
  2. I have already claimed from Halifax years ago unfair direct debit charges. Done and dusted.
  3. I have now received HUGE stack of documents from Halifax.
  4. Does Halifax as part of my SAR have to provide documents related to sale of my debt to Lowell?
  5. Yes, ICO page has address, but bank`s webpage has a different one
  6. Where should I post my SAR? Two different addresses: https://ico.org.uk/ESDWebPages/Entry/Z7828948 https://www.halifax.co.uk/securityandprivacy/privacy/ SAR template contains this: [now go read post 3 of the sar thread on what info to put to ENSURE you get ALL the info you need - dx] I checked post 3 on SAR thread, but there is no info on this? Because I have moved since then, I will add copy of council tax bill. Should I also add copy of passport? Might save time if they ask for copy of ID.
  7. That means I have two not three default markers: - Callcredit, Lowell, 24.06.2014 - Equifax, Lowell, 24.06.2014
  8. There are few detauls now across all three credit agencies as per screenshots above. Which defauls will vanish? Halifax June 2014 Lowell April 2016, September 2015/2016 Lowell June 2014 What do you mean what is reclaimable? Will prepare SAR today and post it on Tuesday. Thank you.
  9. Hi all, Some years ago I had Halifax bank account wih big overdraft limit. Due to financial difficulties I had to use it all and couldn`t pay it back. Now I`m back on track and willing to clear that debt. Lowell has been sending me letters to pay it off, even when I moved - they tracked me down via credit referencing agency. I phoned Halifax, but they said I need to contact Lowell as debt has been sold. But I don`t want to pay any money to parasites like Lowell, I`d rather pay back the bank I took money from. 1. Can Lowell run searches on my credit file without my consent? 2. Can bank refuse to accept my money? 3. Can Lowell report to my credit file every month this debt as per screenshots below? If they carry on, 6 years never going to past and it won`t dissapear of my file. Any advice? Thank you. I have got all three credit files - Callcredit, Equifax and Experian. These are screenshots regarding Halifax and Lowell.
  10. I have never received court summons, only summons to visit Civic Centre. They have made no levies on any goods as they never made entry and I have no goods outside.
  11. Hello guys, I moved into this flat where I`m living now October 2010, since I moved in never paid council tax as I didn`t have money. Council kept sending reminders etc until I got summons, but not court, just to visit civic centre. Ignored. Then bailiffs Bristow Sutor left me a hand delivered note in postbox of their visit. Ignored. One more delivered, more threatening. Ignored. Told my wife not to open doors, close windows, do not answer doors. I keep my car few streets away. Installed fake CCTV camera on the door with flashing LED and attached WARNING GUARD DOG sticker on the doors. But my landlord would kick me out if I didn`t pay, so I somehow got all the money and paid whole amount directly to council. So BS delivered this via Royal Mail: http://imageshack.us/f/97/71687386.jpg/ What do I do now and how do I get rid of them? I know they cannot do anything, but my wife is scared of them. Should I ask for CCJ and then tell them its fake and there was no real court hearing etc and therefore they have no grounds for asking money?
  12. Cannot afford that money. Even I could, there is no guarantee I will get it back from seller. It will cost more to take to court.
  13. They are known, big brand, government approved - why not? I`ve got RAC. How much they would charge to come and inspect my car?
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