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  1. contacted probate and they told me its his son he has to his x partner who deals with the probate told then he wont tell them on the forms they send him about his 2 older half brothers they have told me that they will go by what he puts on the form and he will get the lot Even tho he;s lied cos there not going to search for his other sons if its not on the form . they told me as well my brothers n sister n mother are not intiteled to anything . fat lot of help the probate were . thought they were there to make sure this money would be shared out fairly seems not .
  2. hi my brother dies last week and did not leave a will . I am the oldest in the family but he has a son to his x partner who he has not been with for over 10 years and he was married over 34 years ago and has 2 older sons to his x wife but is devorced from her but we dont know where his oldests sons are . my problem is that his x partner has been to the bank about my brothers money and told them she is still his partner and she has been told it will go to probate . she thinks all my brothers money should go to her son a what i want to know is who should be dealing with the probate office ov
  3. good question on the standered letter template we can use to claim under the A19 concession? i;d like to see one on here so i can use it to sort this blunder out if i get a bill from them . What i dont understand is this > if the dwp overpay u any benefit by there mistake they cant recover it off you by law it should be the sam for the tax office , Or are they a law onto there own ?
  4. can say one thing about this goverment they think they can get away with anything with us . if i commited benefit fraud they would have me in court so fast my feet would;nt see the ground yet they have made interest on this tax error not said a word about that have they there a bunch of hard faced b
  5. after hearing the news that people all over the uk are gong to get bill;s from the tax man due to there error;s how can they get away with this when it is there error ? if the dwp overpay u & its there error it;s not recoverble by law so how can the taxman get away with it if it;s there error ?
  6. they wont lol well ahead of them they keep it up with me i get right on to my mp & make him do something ____________________
  7. thanks for your advice i found this on the net very interesting how they are adviced to use bullying tacticks to get the max out of people who are not on benefit anymore they wont bully me as i just contact my mp . I am well aware that i did wrong & i have paid the price but i wont be bullied by them they seam to think there a law in themselfs . thanks again to everyone for all your advice http://www.official-documents.gov.uk/document/hc0809/hc02/0294/0294.pdf
  8. Erika one more question they have now sent me a letter asking me to fill in there I & E form it says on the back of this form to fail to make a new offer may allow us to take legal action agaist you . I thought that this was a civil matter in the eyes of the law ? ps the front letter that came with it say civil action , I;m confused . Is it a civil matter or a legal matter? . i think i;m right in saying its a civil matter . I phoned them & told them that i had allready given them a I & E form completed by me . she just said are you telling me your income & outgoings are still t
  9. hi Erika i would like to thank you and all the others that replied to my problem the advice you gave me has made it more clear so that i wont let the dwp keep intimidating me many thanks again . ps i have been searching the net for the dwp;s dept departments guidlines & found them it make very interest reading .
  10. thanks for the advice how can i get hold of Erika for more advice . i just want to know if the civil courts would not allow the dwp to take civil action agaist me as i;m paying them the amount we both agreed on ?
  11. ps yes its the dwp that is persuing me not the courts or any dept agecies
  12. yes i have spoke to the dwp i have replied to there letters time & time again telling them i cant afford to pay them any more than £25 . but they still keep writing to me wanting more telling me they may take civil action in the civil courts . what i just want to know is while i;m paying them the £25 per month can they get a civil action agaist me or would the civil courts not entertain them coss i;m paying the somthing off this dept ? it is the dwp that is chasing me for the dept not a dept collection agency or the courts
  13. the twently five pounds was not part of repayment or a court a fine . I got community sevice from the court that is the legal side of thing finished. as everyone is aware the dwp still want there money back i defrauded them out of. so before the court case was finished the dwp wrote to me wanting there money back so myself & the dwp agreed on a payment plan of £25 per month & that is what i have been paying them since last year but they keep writing to me wanting more per month & saying in there letters that they may take civil action agaist me . they have never took me to the civi
  14. the dwp took me to court to deal with the criminal side of things that is done & dusted . what i want to know is while i;m paying them the agreed amount of £25 can they take cival action coss i wont increese the payments ?
  15. it;s not the court that keep writing to me asking me to increase payment it;s the dwp dept department as i said above we reach an agrement with them now they keep wanting more
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