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  1. My husband and I have been in a DMP for the past 12 months, as we got into trouble with mounting credit card bills, now owing nearly £80 grand. We thought everything was all sorted once we started paying DMC- Payplan, as they wrote to all creditors with offers and 90% accepted the offers. With the exception of MBNA, they simply passed / sold the debt onto another company called Arrow Global Ltd, who wrote to tell us they had taken over the debt and wanted payment in full. We passed this info over to Payplan who in turn contacted Arrow, to inform them that they were dealing with our s
  2. Neither us or our DMC (Payplan) received any communication from DCA, after they took over from MBNA, just took it straight to court, we are now trying for re-determination. We pay Payplan £550 per month and the DCA are stating they want £250, there are another 14 creditors to also satisfy, and what's to stop them taking the same action. I need to know whether it is worth starting the ball rolling to find out if the MBNA credit card is classed as an un-enforcable debt, and if it is how do I stand considering it now has a CCJ on it Hellsbells67
  3. Please can someone advise me. We have been in a DMP with Payplan for the last year but 1 creditor namely MBNA, refused to agreement, they have sine sold off the debt to another co. called Arrow Global who to have refused to the agreement and have now taken it through the courts. The courts have issued a CCJ and ordered us to pay £250, which we cannot afford, after reading many things on the forum about unenforcable credit agreements, how do I find out if this card qualifies, as it was definately taken out prior to 2006 :-|
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