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  1. Newline Securities Ltd has put in a proposal at the Companies House to be struck off. Any who has objections to write to companies house or phone Co House on 0303 123 4500 especially if they have not paid you back any claims you have won in court. When you currently pay the fee, this is being paid to N18 Vehicle Pound Ltd (Co Reg 7272787) which was incorporated on 3/06/2010. On the receipt there is also Newline Parking Management Ltd (Co Reg 07298845) incorporated on 29/06/10. They did not want to confirm which company actually took the money when they clamp me (youtube and facebook being uplifted as we are doing a major video about them and how they clamp a vehicle in front of the driver, then ask for £147 to release it immediately) and every time I phoned they are unable to give me the info so had to call them many times but still not clear about these as they did not really answer the question. I also wanted to know the name of the person and they all refuse to give their name. As they refuse to give their name, I had no choice than to record the conversation and I will refer the case to SIA as even back office workers need to be registered. The person who took the payment and clamp the car in front of me wear A NEWLINE SECURITIES UNIFORM (PHOTO ON YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK). Journalists, Councillors, Authorities, We need to do a thorugh investigation here.

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