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  1. Just to reassure others in the same position - I've just had my second Graham White letter. It stated exactly the same as Sledgehammer's post above. It said that they WILL refer the matter to court within 7 days (of the letter? Of the receipt? When they feel like it?). That was two weeks ago. Where's my court summons, dammit? They practically promised!
  2. I'm in a similar situation. Aside from the advice here I found the following very concise and reassuring: http://www.clmlaw.co.uk/pdf/Private_Parking_Tickets_and_Clamping.pdf
  3. Damn it. I'm so weak. I wrote them another letter! But it was a good one. I'll post it up once I get their reply. M01f.
  4. Just had my second letter which was in reply to the last letter I sent (before I signed up here and read through many of the threads). Now you would think that any reasonable company would point out that, as a Private Company, they are not subject to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service. Of course, they are not actually subject to any appeal service what so ever. One cannot "appeal" a bill. One can only contest and refuse to pay it!! I digress... But no... they say: "Your second appeal has been rejected... the charge still stands [insert template reply here, blah blah blah]" - I didn't
  5. Thanks guys - I'll keep you posted as to the outcome. I've scoured your boards for success stories, but often people simply disappear! One hopes this is because the bloodsuckers (nice name) went away, rather than they caved and paid the fine.
  6. Hello BhamLawStudent, Sorry to bring up an old thread... I'm just wondering what the outcome was? I'm having a similar issues with Central Ticketing. I am adamant I will not pay the "fine". Ever. I will happily argue my case in court... but if I can simply talk to the managing agent to get the parking compnay to back off - it will save me some stress and grief - so probably worth a try?
  7. My girlfriend recently parked my car in some bays we spotted outside our flat. In a nutshell, the whole area is littered with "Parking Notice" signs that state: "You may be issued with a ticketed parking charge [...] if you park without a valid permit".. At least, that's the bit that is specific to me. At every other location I have seen around the estate, where there are parking bays there is a second "no stopping" style sign (red circle, blue interior with a "\" across it) stating the times one can park. And who can park. The bays outside my flat however, have no such smaller sign.
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