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  1. Hi, Could someone advise me who i should take a complaint too about Littlewoods? Is it the Trading Standards or the financial regulaters who deal with the banks? I bought a pair of boots 2 months ago, they never arrived!! after a number of shameful customer service responses and getting no one to help or take owenership, i wrote a complaint letter! the reply was again pathetic and offered me 5% off the boots when they finally arrived however, they still didnt arrive and they didnt follow up on what they promised in the letter. After a couple more calls i found out they were sat at a depot, this was after 6 weeks. I was told the boots were now lost and there were no more in stock, so basically i told them to cancel the whole thing. I was told i will get a refund last week, Yet i have still not received the refund. I rang three days ago and they are now saying there is a technical issue. I do not understand this and am really annoyed. I have always had a reasonably good service with Littlewoods, but this is just a joke! These boots are £130 and my minimum payment is so high cause of it and they say they cannot adjust it at this time. I just need know where i can escalate these concerns too?? any advice would be appreciated Thanks
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