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  1. I fly on Easyjet regularly day trip from Gatwick to Edinburgh/Glasgow. I often finish early in the day and Easyjet allow me to switch my return journey to the earlier 16:15 flight. Sometimes there is no seat on the earlier flight and it’s a long wait for my booked 20:55 flight. If I book the earlier 16:15 return flight, but want to switch my return flight to the LATER 20:55 flight, can I do that? And if yes, how do I do it (anc check whether seat is available) without going to the airport?
  2. The statutory fee for a credit report is £2. The £10 fee is the statutory fee for a subject access request under the data protection act. This is how I do it, and it works every time.
  3. If you have receipts showing the fine is paid then you have nothing to worry about. Bank the cheque for £54.99 and spend it wisely. Just keep your home secure
  4. It only applies to clamping under Section 79 of the 2004 Traffic Management Act. Bailiffs can still clamp a vehicle for unpaid debts.
  5. Ask the bailiff out whether a court has issued an order to pay the rent arrears. If they give you this Pay 10 for a SAR then print a copy of Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970 and contact Police. http://www.opsi.gov.uk/RevisedStatutes/Acts/ukpga/1970/cukpga_19700031_en_5
  6. You can reclaim them up to six years of paying them. You can SAR the bailiffs, but a SAR is more to do with accessing personal information they hold about you, nothing about how their fee invoice is made up. You might be better to work out what the fees should have been by looking at the legislation that prescribes them, and add the fees only if the bailiff did the work giving rise to that fee. Some legislation allows 'reasonable costs' and in these cases, ploddetoms letter is good for asking the bailiff the receipts that make up those costs. Theres the list of legislation presc
  7. If they dont answer the phone then dont answer your door. The bailiff will eventually have to hand the case back to the council, then you can set up an arrangement.
  8. You will need to place your car securely or transfer ownership before you go. The latter is good because if the bailiff takes the car, he becomes liable for replacing it for the new owner and you get a nicer car at the bailiffs expense. Dont think your partner is liable anyway so no reason why a bailiff would interfere with it.
  9. The bailiff is playing games. Contact the creditor council and tell them their bailiff is trying to rip you off. More fool the bailiff if he interferes with someone elses car. Let him move it and call police reporting a vehicle theft in progresss and take lots of photos.
  10. Only pay for one visit, Make the bailiff prove the remaing two visits if charged, otherwise just pay the fine and the 28%. Disregard the letter fee unless the bailiff shows you a stamped certificate of posting. Pay with a credit card
  11. There is good news and there is bad news. Good news is there little sherforce can do if you dont have the money. The solicitor has probably already done trace action and assessed the debtor to see if you can pay. The bad news is, the water account is in your name, you agreed to take responsibility for the it and you are liable for the water pipe that carries water from the meter installed under the street to the property, even it if crosses someones property to reach yours. This has never been the case until the Water Industry Act passed responsilility for water pipes away from the w
  12. If you dont have the money there is little sherforce can do. The case will go back to the creditor, and they will select alternative enforcement measures, most likely a charging order on your property. Your post is not clear whether the debt is genuine, a water leak? If the water account is not yours then you dont have a liability for it. If you the case went to judgement and you were not informed of the hearing beforehand then you dont have a liability. A court has to be sure the defendant receives a notice of trial before judgement can be entered, but you cannot defend on those gro
  13. You dont have to pay the attendance to remove £94. only the letter fee and 28% of the amount you are fined. Nothing else. Best course of action is pay what the law says, the fine, 28% bailiffs fee and letter fee if the bailiff can prove the letter has been delivered. You can ignore the rest.
  14. Hope you didnt give the bailiff the keys. If the finance is with a main dealer then any new owner will have it impounded the moment they take it to a dealership trying to get new keys. Report the car stolen to police, they will say its a civil matter so ask for an incident number, then contact your insurer and finance company and give them the incident number. The finance company will flag the car nicked on HPI and its will go nowhere. The bailiff might try to export it, but HM Customs will impound it along with the lorry that is transporting it. Its an unlawful levy so you are
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