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  1. No offence taken, thanks for the help. I'll be back...
  2. And I will, but why do you keep saying if I want an answer?
  3. Is there any point of doing this whilst I have no income?
  4. I've had letters from debt collectors but I don't think I've had a letter specifically saying I've been passed over.
  5. What is a Notice of Assignment?
  6. Initially a standard current account, then increased to an ultimate Reward current account when the bank made changes and it was working out cheaper for me to switch, has since (I have been told) knocked back down to a standard current account.
  7. For £501, only accrued after my benefits were stopped.
  8. So these guys have called me regarding my debt with HBOS. I explained to them that I've talked to my bank on many occasions about my debt and that I can't make any payments right now as I have no income. Still, they call. A couple of weeks ago the bank were going to take me to court now I'm back in the hands of a debt collector? Who has the debt, my bank or a DCA? Am I going to court or not? I'm disabled, and the DWP are messing me around with my benefits, I haven't had an income for nearly a year as a result, which has caused the debts in the first place.
  9. Right. That's all I wanted. Thank you.
  10. I'm not stupid I know they only want my money. I also know I still owe the money to them regardless of my situation. I don't need to be told any of that. I just want to know how is the best way to proceed, in writing, with sorting out my situation with them so that I can get them paid back then freed from my contract? That is all. I'm not going to argue, this is not turning into a flaming thread.
  11. I never took out the contract as a necessary evil. I could afford it at the time and it was way cheaper than using pay and go at that point in time for me. I respect the help, but I think I need something other than to be basically told well it's your own fault. I didn't ask to be in this situation, after all.
  12. Hi all. I've recently had all my disability benefits stopped, and I can't work right now due to ill health. I currently have no income, and my partner has taken a hit in wages which means he cannot afford to pay my bills like he used to. I've dealt with everyone else as far as I can right now, but Orange, whom I wrote to first to let them know of the change in my circumstances, told me they couldn't help, could I just phone them instead. I've got no income and can't pay for my contract anymore, so I need out, or need at least to work out something with them to get them the money
  13. Ok, I can't really see many threads about banks and charges here, maybe I'm not looking in the right place. I also don't want to hijack someone else's thread. The story is, I had my benefits (ESA) terminated in June, after an appeal where they claimed I was lying about being ill. I'm not. I applied for DLA shortly after that seeing as the doctor and lawyer said I should, that was the correct benefit for me. That was turned down within a week and a half purely on the basis of my ESA appeal. Ever since then, I've had literally no income whatsoever, and am struggling greatly to find sui
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