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  1. A huge thankyou to Tomtubby, she's been very helpful. The case has now been returned court and the bailiffs fees are gone. Thanks to everyone who replied for your support x
  2. Hi, lol Kate - I dont feel brave at all, feel like jelly inside but we havent got the money and I'm not going to let him take the stuff that we've saved for. We dont have anything on credit, even the cars are paid for - they arent the best cars in the world but they're ours. Luckily enough, my husband sold his car last week and hasnt bought another. We've put an official complaint in about the bailiff today and drove to the court (about an hour away) to hand it over personally. The person who my husband handed it to was the fines officer who he spoke to on the phone yesterday who gave us the good advice - he said he is going to personally hand it to the person who is in charge of the complaints. Did I mention before that he also told my husband he was a High Court enforcement officer? Well he isnt, he's just a CEO...lying git. The complaint is 6 pages long...it took about 2 hours to write. Fluffy_Bunny, Thanks for that - who is Tomtubby? How do I contact him? x
  3. This happened to us too, Zo except we didnt even get a final demand, the bailiff just turned up (my post is just a few below yours). I dont know how to deal with your address situation, have you contacted the court to tell them you dont live at the address? If you havent already, ask to speak to the chief fines officer and explain your situation - the fines officer has been the only one who has offered any help to us x
  4. Hi - Oh, Kate its horrible isnt it. Here is what happened today... Bailiff phoned at 9.30 saying if we didnt have his money by 4pm he would come straight away with van, locksmith and police officer. Wouldnt budge, said he'd phone back at 4pm. I went to solicitor to get my Statutory Declaration sworn and signed - no problem - cost me nothing, just a donation to their charity box. Sent an email to Marstons, attached the stat dec and said that everything else in the house is either exempt or belongs to the children (true). Also said that I personally will be making a formal complaint as a separate child protection issue - the bailiff was peeping in through the window where my two year old was watching TV completely naked whilst my mum was in the kitchen - I know this because he made a remark over the phone to my husband about the big plasma TV on the wall. Husband phoned the court and asked to speak to the chief fines officer - he wasnt in but they gave him his mobile number. Called him and he was very helpful - said to ignore him completely, dont answer phone, dont answer door and preferably be out when he calls at the house as you're more likely to cave if youre in. Said he wont break in, theyre just lying thugs. Said they have no right to come onto your property and peep through windows. Bailiff called at 4pm - said have you got the money, husband said 'no' he said I'll be there in half an hour and put the phone down. I printed out the stat dec and the email Id sent to Marstons, husband went into the garden and locked the door behind him with the copies.. Bailiff turned up an hour later. Husband handed him the paperwork. This is where I think we have grounds for complaint... He obviously was not happy about the 'peeping' comment and denied he had looked in. Then he said he had looked in and checked a few handles etc. He knew there were people in because he had spoken to my mum at the door. He said the stat dec doesnt count, said its too late. Then he said he didnt care, he'd come in anyway as even though the possessions are mine, we are together and he can therefore levy on them. Then he said he personally could have my husband arrested - said he had the power to have him sent to prison - he was getting agitated and was saying this really loud. My friend over the road couldnt see my husband inside the gate and shouted over 'cant you get in mate' and he shouted back 'he wont let me in' in a way that made it obvious he was a bailiff. He has now said we have until Thursday to come up with the money or he will come in regardless of the stat dec and levy on my/childrens goods AND he will arrest my husband. Does this sound like hes acting legally? Does anyone know or can offer any advice before I write the complaint? We're both terrified. Thanks
  5. Thanks Zamzara - we have contacted the court who are pretty much stonewalling us. They said we have to deal with the bailiff now and they dont consider income/expenditure until the bailiff returns the file. Apparently they always give to the bailiff before even giving you the chance to pay by installments. Its rotten practice (Northwich Magistrates Court) - I thought you had a legal right to be given the chance to pay by installmentrs if you cant afford to pay it in one go, but apparently not.
  6. Is there anyone at all out there who can help...this is making me ill. Please if you have anything at all that may help, Id really appreciate it
  7. Any advice at all would be appreciated Our financial situation is that we both work part time and we receive Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits.
  8. Hello, Im hoping someone can give us some advice. This has all arisen from ny partner speeding in my car. I got a letter to say that my car had been caught speeding (9 miles above limit) and asking me to fill in a form. I did and said it wasnt me but my partner and gave his details (same address). When he got the letter, he didnt fill it in. Next thing we know, its been to court and he is given a fine. The daft thing he is, he appealed. He gets his fine upped to £600 and points on his license. He was asked to fill in a income/expenditure form after the hearing which he did and handed it to the clerk, he offered instalments on the form. We waited to hear from the courts, nothing came. 2 months after the hearing a bailiff turned up (Marstons) whilst my mum was minding my son - he left a letter saying who he was and what he wanted. My partner rang him and he was demanding payment in full, no instalments or he would come in and take goods worth £9000 to cover the £600 fine and his £300 fee, he said 'you wouldnt want me to have to take that £1500 plasma TV on your wall' (obviously been nosing through the window whilst my 2 year old was watching TV). I did some reading up and it said do not let them in - we havent, but he turned up tonight at tea time and left a letter saying that he can come back with police/locksmith and force entry. He also said that if its not paid on full by Monday at 4pm he will be coming back to do just that. I am very confused as to why the courts havent allowed instalments or even been in touch about this until the bailiff turned up at our house, only 2 months after the hearing. What can we do - we are both sick with worry now. Please help.
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