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  1. I've attached my agreement. It says on the contract that I have a minimum 12 months contract . Is there any way to cancel my contract and not to pay for the rest of the period? Thanks. Link to Agreement. www . aleksejstimofejevs .com / FFAgreement.jpg
  2. Hi there. My contract with fitness first was signed on ( 20.03.10 ). And I would like to cancel it. Reason why I want to do it? First of all, I'm working in DFS... I'm lifting 100kg beds every day (All day long) and it's so obvious that I don't want to go to the gym after work. I do work 6 days a week ( Mon - Sat ) and on Sundays usually having a day off but I don't want to go to the gym on Sundays too as I lifted heavy stuff already 6 days. Also, when I joined Fitness First, I lived not too far away from it, but now I have to travel by bus to the station, then 15min walk to another station then 30min by train and then 15min walk again. Witch takes insane amount of time and money to get there. Any suggestions of what to tell them so they cancel my membership would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi there. I'm experiencing problems with "Virgin Media" ISP. The problem is that I have no internet since 22th of July 2010. I phoned them like 20 times and they were saying - "Your internet will be fixed tomorrow, after 3 hours, at ..... and so on but it still isn't fixed. (I'm in my mates house right now). I had an engineer in my house already 3 times. First one just said that he doesn't know what's happening so he went somewhere and never came back. 2nd said that there is a problem in the area. 3rd Changed my modem and said that there is an IT issue and it will be fixed within 30mins but it didn't happend. Last time I phoned them last friday (30th of July) and asked when my internet will be back - They said it will be up on monday (02th of August). Then I've noticed that my home phone isn't working aswell. Now - I have no internet and my home phone isn't working aswell. I called them from my mobile and spent nearly 15 pounds and what they said is: We don't know when your internet will be fixed. (I recorded my calls with them). I'm not sure what to do now, but I want my internet and phone back up and running. Any suggestions would be appriciated. My nationality isn't British so sorry in advance if you find any mistakes.
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