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  1. is i stated in a previous post, i was entitled to free legal advice, as you say you havent been able to work for 3 years id suggest calling your local citizens advice bureau and ask them about it as they were the ones that informed me about it as for go debt, it has now been nearly a month since my solicitor asked for the cca and a statement of account, i have had a call and a letter from my solictor asking if they have tried to contact me as they seem to not be responding to them. as for the SOGA, my solicitor told me it was 6 years for electrical goods, but id check into it, the only thing they deem as consumable is things like batteries, but if the the laptop broke, for example the mother board went down, they you can claim the good were not fir for the purpose that they sold it for i hope this helps you as so far (touch wood) it looks like my solictor has told them to go forth and multiply
  2. well, i recently received a letter from hollis briggs, after lots of googling with no contact information for them either, id contacted them asking for the CCA and also a statement of account so i could figure out where they got the amount from. obviously i wanted to try get away with the figure of £275 if i had to pay at all. i have yet to have any reply from them regarding this, but whilst i was on google i found something quite interesting, that means i am entitled to free legal aid, so i have passsed all the letter onto my solicitor, and have him the run down of whats happened and he is now dealing with these clowns or me, all for free an interesting point he made tho, as ive had to change the laptop hard drive, and power supply due to them failing on me, and the computer is less than 6 years old, if they decide i have to pay, we can claim that the product they sold me was not suitable for the purpose they sold it me for, and thus they are in breach of contract and i can claim any money i have paid back. so just as a bit of advice for people, call your local citizens advice bureau and see if you qulify for legal aid, it save you all the headache. i will keep you all posted on this matter
  3. i have just got off the phone to theres guys who have now said my account has been passed to hollis and briggs they said i was offered a settlement figure of £275, even tho i wasnt, and that the account is at £366 at the moment i mentioned that id offered to pay installemts of £100 but they werent interested, and when i asked for a statement of account they said (rather rudely) that i was just trying to delay the account and that they didnt have the information/i cudnt have it, but that hollis and broggs have it and to send them a letter asking for it where do i go from here?
  4. in regards to this account i have just had another call of gpo saying that its now passed onto hollis and briggs, yet again the company said they cudnt give me a number to contact them (ignoreing the fact the woman was rather arrogant) and that the statement of my account was £366 and they would take a setelment of £275 if i could pay it right now, i did say id offered to pay installments of £100 a week to clear it, but they only wanted the full figure, they also calimed i had a settlement figure offered to me the first time i spoke to them (tho i didnt) i also asked for a statement of account so i could see missed payments etc etc and basically the woman said i was delaying the account and they didnt have any of that information/no i cant have it, but then said hollis and briggs will have it if i send a letter asking for it now, as the fee they want is less that £400 im guessing its gunna cost the more to take me to court than its worth to them so where do i go from here?
  5. i have offered to pay monthly amount but there not interested in that and want a full sum paying, they have also called me a few times asking me to pay. i do still have the laptop, but i dont know the amount of missed payments, and im guessing they have added charges as the laptop was only £375 (i think) and now they want a figure of £399, so in theory some of the money ive paid back sould have bought the balance own a tad
  6. after a quick look over things earlyer tonight it seems the letter i received is from a company called 'bpo collections' and not go debt, but still passing it all to hollis briggs, does this make any difference or shall i still wait for hollis briggs to contact me and go for the cca route? it does say that the client is CIT group plc
  7. awesome, ill keep you all posted with what happens, i guess its gunna be abother few days before i hear anything
  8. so as they didnt give notice about selling debts does that go for or against me?
  9. so do i just go ahead and send the form for the cca and see what they do from there?
  10. it was an online deal from their website
  11. i had the laptop in october of 2007 through dell partner finance, who i believe is handled by barclays
  12. the debt is fron a laptop i had on finance, ive missed a bunch of payments due to changes of income etc what info do you need?
  13. hi i recently got a letter in the post from go debt saying they were passing on my account to hollis briggs and that it may go to court etc etc i calle the number on the letter (for go debt) and gave them the details, when i spoke to them they said that the account ha already be passed on (6th august 2010), although the letter said it was due to be passed on on the 16th august 2010. long story short, i asked the woman i spoke to what my options were and she basically sai even if i wanted to pay any off the amount that its already been passed on and to contact hollis briggs. i asked for the number for hollis briggs nd she didnt have one, after a quick google search its seeming they are infact all the same company and are known for scare tactics i offered to pay a monthly amount and the woman said no so, where do i stand? as im completely skint for the next few week thanks in advance
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