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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses, I will make an official complaint to the Council as I definitely want to deal with the Organ Grinder not the monkey! If their response is not adequate I will escalate to the Ombudsman.
  2. Hi, thanks for your response - yes, three separate lists with the same things listed on each.
  3. I've had a visit from Rundle & Co unfortunately the front door was unlocked and them came in. They had been instructed with 3 separate years of liability orders and even though they attended only once they charged 3 x £42.50 for attendance to attempt to levy distress3 x £12 walking possession fees3 x levy fees1 x £100 for attendance removal.Please can someone tell me if this is correct? Many thanks
  4. Hi, I have just successfully managed to get E-ON to apply back billing rules to my account as it took them 20 months from moving in to bill me. I had moved supplier in March 2010 as I was fed up of their inability to bill me or allow me to set up a direct debit or any other payment scheme. My question is they want me to pay the reduced outstanding bill of £164 over 6 months can I request that I repay over 12 months. I thought I had read somewhere about the repayment period involved in back billing could equal the length of the period in dispute, ie repayment terms of 20 months.
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