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  1. Hi I have had for some days now phone calls from the above company, not sure if I have got the correct word for the R.... the phone rings pick it up, then a recorded femail voice, telling me I will not be charged for the call... they ask me if I am Mrs ........., if so press 2, which I have and they ask me if I want to pay my debt over the phone or press ? to speak to a representative (this is all automated), as I have no debt... I press to speak to someone to try and sort this out.. of course no one as yet has answered. I have seen another forum on this but all the posts seem to be from peopl
  2. Hi read with interest posts on this site... this is my first post. My son has had a parking ticket from Ingress Park, for parking over night.. which was issued at 3.22, he was home by 3.40.... I think the rule is not allowed to stay the night.... he was visiting friends.... I am worried now as he has been told to ignore the letters from OPC and now Windsor - Smythe & Partners by friends who live in ingress Park... the latest letter is saying they will proceed through county court and threatening bailiffs etc. The Fine is nearly £200 now... Reading on this site... this doesn't go aw
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