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  1. Can I please reiterate what Planner has already said - a landlord cannot enter a rented-out property if the tenant does not give permission. You could give all the notice in the world, but if the tenant does not give permission you are inviting an unlawful entry via. disturbing the tenants' right to quiet enjoyment. Do it properly with an s.21 and get rid of her through the proper channels.
  2. Apply for a hardship grant ASAP - your student services centre should take you through it, and be supportive about any problems you may have.
  3. Any idea what the provision for adult ADD is like generally in the UK? I've heard that in the US doctors are more willing to believe that adult ADD is possible than doctors in the UK; we've always suspected that my OH has undiagnosed ADD (he's 25) but fear that English doctors may be more unsympathetic as it's still somewhat of a 'myth' over here...
  4. Try the Neighbours from Hell forum at Neighbours From Hell in Britain for some specialised advice - you'll need to register before you can view it.
  5. Make sure that your tenant's deposit is protected, as you as the landlord are ultimately liable for it, and 3x the deposit if it's not...
  6. You do not need to pay a thing. Please read the information about Private Parking Companies in the Parking Forum on this site, as others have previously advised.
  7. Learner Support Service, Darlington, DL1 4WD ...is where they send their application forms to. Hopefully her app has been processed now though? They have sped up. Her college may need to submit a backdate authorisation spreadsheet in order to authorise payments from the beginning of September. And it's being passed to Capita, not Centrica. Gods help us all...
  8. Believe me, the colleges feel exactly the same about these morons as you do. Do they tell you why you need to contact the college? Have they given any reason as to why she hasn't received it? (Just trying to rule everything out, and I'm in no way saying that she's missed days, but have you double-checked her attendance with the college since Sept.?) Has she received any money at all from EMA? The payment ref should start EMAMN(then a string of numbers). If she's received her current money but not her backdated money, the college may want to re-send their authorisation spreadsheet in case some Liberata numpty has lost it. There's going to be even more disruption soon, I predict, because Liberata (the original contractors) have been sacked for incompetence, and are being replaced with...dum dum (dumb) - Crapita, of all people. We privately think that EMA as a concept will be dumped in the next year or so as it's been too much of an embarrassment to the Gov. I'm assuming that there are no travel concessions etc. to help her out in the meantime?
  9. I can confirm that it's the EMA s*ds and not her college - I'm the EMA provider for my FE, and all we do is log attendance and click 'yes' or 'no' each week; that's the extent of our EMA input. They hang up on us all the time, too. The only thing I can suggest is not only to keep complaining to the EMA helpline but to double-check that they have the correct bank details for her; several students of mine had digits transposed when they called up to check...
  10. Go for Gardasil privately if you can afford it - the Government offered one only offers protection against two strains of papilloma, unlike Gardasil which offers protection against four, and genital warts in addition. Just because she is already sexually active, doesn't mean she can't get HPV and subsequent cancer later on.
  11. For opt-out templates, please see this thread.
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