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  1. Hi, I missed a couple of direct debit payments in June by a small amount, under a pound, and the Nationwide have charged me £30 per direct debit.This totals £120, and I cannot afford to pay it. I've paid the first £60, but the next £60 comes out on Friday and I have no money to cover it. Is there anything I can do?
  2. Thank you both very much. I do receive student funding but it doesn't go far. It's an overdraft rather than a loan the student loan payments don't start until you earn over £15000pa. I am just fed up with the patronising and harassing attitudes and was hoping I could get them off my back. Any more help anyone could give regarding cca requests if applicable to overdrafts would be great. I really appreciate your help so far. I will correspond with them in writing offering the £20pm and if they are ok with that then fine. If not I just want to know if there is anything I can do.
  3. Hi guys, I had a student overdraft with hbos which I defaulted on because they added charges I wasn't aware of. This took me outside my agreed limit. After a while the debt was passed on to Blair Oliver and Scott debt collectors. After missing a few payments I was contacted by Apex Credit Management. I agreed to pay £20pm which I did for about 14 months until the last couple of months when I was out of work and couldn't afford it. I am a full time student. They have since been harassing me on the phone so I asked them to send me a copy of my original credit agreement and to only contac
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