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  1. Stunned Monkey... I am also confused...if nobody signed an agreement...how does that give them authority to use personal Data.....also Surely Bonds..post on DPA would this still stand..... As the CRAs are only reporting agencies...if we did not agree to share this information.. how can they just share..?
  2. First I want to thank all those in advance for their help and support. Also please note that I have debts but due to domestic and employment circumstances I am now in a case of hardship and I have always paid my way in life. ( like you all reading this site, I hope we agree we are responsible people and nobody stands in judgement of others). After reading many threads. Can you advise if I am on the right track Experto Credito.. found a default on my credit file for 400.00 sent letter 8th July requesting copy of CCA and copy of default. Experto acknolwedge letter saying account on ho
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