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  1. that opens up another bag of worms..... We have never had a contract. I have worked here for 16 years and have always been told "its a family firm, we dont need contracts". We recently bought out another printers, all of who are on contracts, but none of the original firm has one, and on request get told "we wont be going down that route".
  2. Hi, I work at a printers in bradford and about 5 years ago I was given a written warning for taking some scrap metal from work (it was waste but my employer still classed it as theft). I am now in trouble with him again due to not agreeing with him talking to me like a dog and fighting my corner (he says it is gross misconduct as I argued my case and walked away from him when he started swearing). He is using my old written warning as a base to try to terminate my employment. Am I correct in thinking the written warning should be removed from my file after 12 months? Am I also within my r
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