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  1. I have mixed thoughts about having smart meters in the home to be honest. I know my company did save quite a bit of money using one of IMServ energy solutions in conjunction with smart metering. I believe according to this IMServ; Acknowledged Industry Experts In Metering that IMServ own the smart meters? Though I am not entirely sure...
  2. Healthy pets as far as I am concered are still the best for pet insurance. They are underwritten by axa now anyways. Healthy Pet Insurance from just £4.58/mth - Pet Insurance Underwriting My premium has remained low for years now..
  3. I used dilapidations direct to sort out my problems. They have some good case law examples on the site too that were helpful. Dilapidations Direct - Case Law Tom
  4. Try not to block the fan at the back, will cause overheating.
  5. I have onyl had bad experiences with them
  6. does indeed sound like a nightmare!
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