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  1. sorry not sure what the PPC invoice means?. he had a ticket on his window screen when we got back to the car. he was not selling it in the car park as we was not with the car. so it was for sale but not being sold. no money changed hands. I checked all the terms of parking on the signs and no mention of displaying signs in your car. it also says there was 5 signs where in fact there where only 3 so they can even bloody count.
  2. so i have been reading a few threads on here about this excel parking company. my other half got a ticket tonight for selling his car in car park. this thats what it says on his ticket. so he had some for sale signs in his car and parked it correctly and with a ticket. so they couldnt get us for no ticket or parking out side the line ( like they did 2 weeks ago) so they have tried this. shall i ignore as i have read earlier. :-|
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