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  1. Hello, Upon advice posted on these forums i recently sent a request for my CCA from my credit card debtor Halifax. They sent me back within the given time-frame a copy of an application form, my question is where does this leave me. Is an application form me consenting to their terms? See attache
  2. Thanks for the informative post i will follow your instructions and keep everyone posted so it can help more people like me!
  3. Thanks for all the replies so far I have uploaded a copy of the letter received from them hopefully this will give a clearer picture. The second page of the T&C is just like the first one which i have posted nothing is signed.
  4. Dear All, I recently sent a standard letter (found on these forums!) to barclaycard who i owe about 5k on a credit card requesting a copy of my credit agreement under the relevant law. They responded in a timely manner sending me a photocopied set of terms and conditions with a cover sheet saying "August - December 2009 BARCLAYCARD T/C) these are not signed by me nor do i have anything which bears my signature. They did give me a break down of my account in 3 figures: my credit limit, how much i owe and when and how much my next payment due is. The letter also stated: "I enclose a reconstituted copy of your credit agreement. A copy of the terms of your credit agreement as varied in accordance with section 82(1) of the Act has been (or will shortly be) sent to you under separate cover" My question would be to anyone who understands and/or has been in the position before to advise me on the next step with this case. Any response would be appreciated dearly. Kind Regards From Lancashire!
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