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  1. I purchased a 32inch combi TV from Finlux direct on 16/06/2014 and the TV worked fine until six weeks after new purchase. Because customer must return goods at their own expense after the 14 day (no fuss) perio, I sought advice from the Citizen's Advice who now deal with much consumer complaint matters. Their instruction was for me to write them a letter explaining the sudden break down of the television, that they must under sale of goods act 1979, goods unfit for their intended purposes and offer a free returns service or refund for the return of TV if I paid for the return. Their response swift and theyagreed to full refund as well as collected tv on 06/08/2014. However, they did not stipulate when the refund would be issued and have called and emailed them with no response yet provided. Because they clearly want to make some profit on the paid goods as the cash sits in their bank as told to me by someone in the know about retail affairs; feel that they might not refund me in a timely manner - some websites, other disgruntled Finlux customers with same issue as me, are stating that they too are having problems obtaining their refunds. I appreciate that they will have likely checked the goods out bu now, or soon will be, yet unsure of how long you must wait to receive response from a direct online retailers when a refund is required.
  2. The letter you received from the organization, write back asking if they are the property landlord, as it would appear to me that they are from what you have said. Yet to be completely certain, best just to write back to the acknowledgement letter saying that: 'further to your correspondence with them, because the littering still an ongoing matter, I need to escalate my original letter of complaint to that of the managing director of the housing scheme, so that appropriate action can be sought, and a 'nuisance neighbour prevention' case be filed. For myself to do this, I therefore need confirmation from yourselves, that you are indeed the landlord of the property my complaint raised.' Once you have done this, then you can make an informed decision as to who you should file a 'nuisance neighbour prevention' case. Ammend the letter above as I have written it as a template for you to work with - I wrote this same kind of letter when I had the same issues with my neighbours, but still have to chase them up as problems resurfacing a year later. Hope this helps.
  3. My fingers are crossed for you - I find academic studies mentally stimulating too; yet hope that it gets you to where you are wanting in your life-journey!
  4. Thanks Fletch - It sort of gave me a dizzy shock having had the student-loan -statement through that showed inflated interest rates!. I had completely forgotten about the whole thing of student loans until that. You can actually get the loans written off if you can prove long-term disability (according) to student finance web pages - though you have to be permanently 'unemployable' which I am certainly not. I think that they should only ever ask people to repay back their loans if earning in excess of £50'000 per annum - they can certainly afford repayments: (unlike) someone on say, £15'000 or even 21'000 per annum. Fortunately my income is not enough at the present to be subject to repayment!. Good luck with your Degree - I don't highly rate academic achievements as I once did - couldn't get into many jobs as they said that I was over-qualified! . Hopefully this is not the case for you, and that you will be studying to advance existing employment skills or purely for leisure purposes?. Most people I went to University with, could hardly get into good paid jobs as employers wanting top-ranking on-the-job skills - not educated sorts - even in project management jobs; they prefer you to have been an office cleric for 10 years, whether or not you have any other relevant talents for the that kind of role. It is truly absurd how it all works - I have worked in the most menial kind of jobs you can imagine, that are well below my skill set, because having a degree or two.
  5. When I worked at Virgin Media in 2008 I had begun repayment, yet was only employed there as a temporary stand-in for eight months approximately. Since then, I have not been in paid work - only part-time work from 2010-2012 and not earning enough to make repayment. I am currently in receipt of disability benefits since 2012 due to long-term mental health conditions.
  6. I love Richmond park - full of pouncing deers and dawdling ducks! I used to live in a part of Hampshire where cyclists took to the peddle-reserved waterways, and miss that now I live in Woking. There are nearbye canals by me, yet you have to cycle to get to them on the main roads - where I am just not confident to go on these. I used to be a gymnast in my earlier years - being 41 and nowhere near as fit, adds to the lame excuse of not getting back on a bike!
  7. You have received so much helpful advice already, yet just wanted to give a little advice myself if that is good with you?. I live in a private residence that also houses vulnerable adults with varying degrees of mental health conditions. I am a voluntary warden as well as a respectable tenant, yet have the responsibility of overseeing the management of negative behaviours I then report to the manager of the housing scheme. I completely empathize with your situation, and you should certainly not have to tolerate anti-social behaviours from your neighbours, regardless of whether they are vulnerable adults or not. As the ever-intelligent Bank Fodder has sugessted: document all activities - however small and trivial - right through to the discarding of their waste matter over your garden. You have the right to enjoy your property without intrusion; negative or destructive behaviours from those who do not show intelligent respect of your rightful peace. It is deemed as 'tresspassing' and in some instances of poprieter protection law: adverse possession, if neighours or even strangers tresspass your property and inhabit it as if it were their own. However, the best course of action as always - talk to the property owners - only write them a serious letter of complaint if the problem still exists after talking-it-out with property owner, and does not resolve the matter. In desperate measures, the Police can be contacted and get involved if the neighbours are using deliberate intimidating behaviours - something which even, adults with learning difficulties, are capable of conscious of behavioural misconduct, and you should not be afraid whatsoever, to address this in a letter of complaint or to the police if absoloutely necessary. Vulnerable adults are protected by human rights laws - yet only to a marginal extent if their care-wardens are not doing their job by allowing them the ultimate freedom to behave in ways that intimidate - and/or threaten others on a persistent basis.
  8. I wish that when I had gotten myself into a financial mess with Wonga in 2012, the FCA had have taken the necessary action they ought to have done all that time ago! - I wrote to the FSA in 2012 yet they simply passed my complaint onto the Citizen's Advice team, who also advised me to contact the FSA - it was a roundabout circus at the time, that merely added to my own despair.
  9. That's a terrible shame - they helped me. The FCA definitely has significant consumer protection clout above that of the CAB, yet when I did write to them, they simply put me through to the CAB in th end.
  10. I have a fantastic vintage racer and would really love to hop on and cycle a good few miles each day to get fit. Yet, I fear that it could be considered uncool and perhaps, inspiring of motorist disgust and loathing to have yet another pedestrian on the roads - blocking their traffic flow - regardless of how sensible the cyclist may appear - or not. In Scandinavia, where some of my very own gene-pool originates; more than chick to be seen peddling anything with two-wheels, yet certainly not the case in the UK. I can drive, and have driven a spectacular reliable car from time to time, when it has been necessary to go out of my way, and especially when I lived in Canada - the nearest shopping center of a sort, was a good ten miles out from my location in the prairies. Motoring perhaps, a necessary evil in a country where local shops are few and far between human pupulous, yet everyone with a car in the UK it seems, (rarely) if ever, walk or cycle to their nearest supermarket. Certainly not where I live anyway - it is like a F1 track outside of my place of residence - no exaggeration either. I want to feel that it is cool and acceptable to cycle, though am just not convinced that it is anymore.
  11. It is truly appalling to come accross ill-informed; invidious and self-serving politicians, who little understand the concept of disability - let alone poverty. I have always worked and studied my way through life, until very recent times, and often taken jobs well below my skill set because I was over-qualified for some jobs here in the UK. I am currently pursuing a career in writing as an extremely gifted author, despite suffering long-term clinical depression; social anxiety and PTSD - I don't allow these terms of 'disability' to define me however, because of the holistic views I have regarding what constitutes a full-person and their individual capabilities. We all have one disability of kind or another; regardless of what socioeconomic background someone is from. Who is deserving of social welfare assistance from time to time, is most definitely the responsibility of the state who have an allocated budget specifically for those out of work, for whatever reason. It is shocking how much foreign aid they pour into global anti-terrorist projects - buying political 'peace' because they have slashed their own military services, as well as lining their own pockets in the humungous tax-relief of their paid-for expenses claims. In addition, what about the foreign penniless women, who come to live over here because they are married to wealthy partners - are they scroungers too?. I have met a few in my time, and they do not work, just live off their partner as well as claim child benefits. I could easily amass a huge list of what 'type' of scroungers that politicians readily refer to as 'work-shy'. I had forgotten to mention over-paid celebrities/footballers who deliver nothing more than the goods they are paid, and those that simply inherit an existence because the notion of work too much a a reality shock!.
  12. Hi there, You have already received some great replies already, yet did want to say that they can at their individual discression: accept payment installments if you have a letter from a legal representative, informing them of your financial hardship - the Citizen's Advice Bureau will happily do this for free. I once fell into the exact same 'pay-day loan' trap as yourself whilst I was working, and automatically helped themselves to my bank funds after a failed repayment date. I was fuming at the time - had no real idea that they could do this. There is a part of legislation on their website if I recall, where it clearly states that they will attempt to take loan repayments (on and after the due-repayment date) if the loan not repaid in full etc etc... They took multiple payments from my account, that led to crazy bank charges!. I think before you do anything, such as make a repayment, if they have already taken money from your card, do not then use the bank details that Huggy has kindly provided you - you will then have to repay not just any outstanding loan charges, yet vast interest rates in one scoop. I once made a repayment with their bank details, and they still said I had not repaid the loan and gave negative credit score. They need to freeze any interest rates you cannot afford to repay on top of outstanding loan repayments, and why I strongly urge you to go along to the Citizen's Advice, who will do the work for you and protect your consumer rights at the same time.
  13. I have been a mature student in the past and attended at least two different Universities - one in 1999 and another in 2002. Neither courses were completed for reasons to do with past childhood abuse trauma that has impacted upon my adult life to an extent I never imagined possible, and has affected job prospects as well as integral self-esteem about achieving a career of somekind. I have recently received a shocking student loan statement, that shows how much I owe in terms of past student debts, and the interest that is being wacked on each year - despite the fact that I am not in work and - in receipt of vital disability benefits due to my mental health conditions. The statements are not requests for repayment of the loans, yet, I am wanting to find out if there is any possible action I can take about having the loans written off, and especially in view of the fact, that it is doubtful that at 41, I will unlikely be in a well-salaried job. I understand completely that the vast majority of students will incur debt via having taken out student loans in their time; yet in all honesty, these people will not be in the kind of vulnerable-adult situation that I face - I also live in long-term supported housing. I also understand that unless you are earning a salary as low as £15'000 per year or whatever it is now, you only pay a minimum back. Yet what I am trying to establish, is the fact that former students should not be made to ever repay loans if their personal situation is exceptional as mine is and will be for some time. I am positive that I can get these loans written off, as they can and do in the United States, here in the UK. I am not wanting morally charged answers to my question, just someone who may be able to offer me helpful advice.
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