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  1. I paid the installer directly to his company, Rockfit. I have however just found out, via google, the owner of the company that installed my door is also a director of Rockdoor. The company is still listed as active, would it be best to write to Rockfit (installer), copying in Rockdoor (supplier), stating the facts and stating LBA asking for the door to be replaced or refunded? Many thanks Rob
  2. Hi all, A couple of years ago now, I purchased a Rockdoor (Front Door) via a installer recommended on Rockdoors website. The door cost well over £1000. After about 6 months the sash failed and was reported to the installer straight away, a few months later it was swapped with a new one. Great service. A couple of months later it happened again - the installer said, "Yes, the black doors do often fail, lets try another one". A few months later a new door was installed again. Now its failing again, after another few months. The installer who Rockdoor / GAP directed me too is not responding to email or calls and his website is down... not looking good. Rockdoor / GAP don't want to know, they say the Guarantee is only as good as the installer, it's none transferable, and gets cancelled when an installer is no longer trading. Rockdoor website says they have a 10 year Guarantee, but also clearly say "Guarantee with GAP’s customer, not homeowners or installer (if the installer is a third party)." Where does this leave me - I am guessing I have no rights here at all now. I paid via Bank Transfer....
  3. Just spoken to them again, the 4th thing on the list was the ambient air sensor. They have filled it with diesel, driven it 40 miles, all fault codes now clear and driving as it should apparently. They say the injectors look like they have been leaking for about a month, so not related to the misfuel - I have told them I will get a second opinion on this.
  4. My wife has a 2010 Diesel Outlander. She was very low on fuel, and brimmed it with petrol. She then drove just shy of a mile before it splutted and came to a stop with her instant realisation of her mistake. Quick call to the insurance company and they picked up the car and took it to a Lookers garage. Lookers had it for 3 days, on the 3rd day drained the tank (via the engine bay) and replaced the fuel filter. They said the car was now all sorted, they added some fuel and some additive to the fuel to ensure smooth running. I picked it up and paid the insurance excess. That was around 60 miles ago - the tank was showing half full when the handed it back, and we drove on this without topping up. The car MPG has dropped about 25%, it's knocking slightly and the engine management light has come on, and it smells of petrol fumes. We phoned the insurance company, who have been excellent, and said they would transport the car directly to the garage to have it repaired. They said if it turns out to be non-fuel related, they will cover the cost of transportation, but if it is related to the misfuel, the garage would have to pay for the transportation as they let the car go before it was fixed. The garage have just phoned and said: 4 error messages Fuel Filter Exchange - probably fuel related, they are going to brim it full of diesel and drive it for 40 miles (me paying for the diesel) they said there might be a small amount of petrol still in the system Speed Sensor - not fuel related apparently although no problems before the misfuel Air Flow Low - problem with the air flow meter (which they had to remove to get to the fuel filter) but not excepting any responsibility as not fuel related. And cant remember the 4th Other issues they have now noticed they hadn't before: Leaking injector - Saying isn't fuel related.... not sure how it's not. Exhaust slight blow - understand this isn't fuel related, but had an exhaust check only last month I don't know what parts are misfuel related, and which aren't if I am honest. I would assume the injector(s) now leaking are part of a claim, but they say they are not. I am awaiting the results of tank of diesel going in and a 40 miles drive that should be happening now - however not sure how to proceed with the injectors and other issues that I believe could be fuel related.... would it be to get an experts opinion? Thanks Rob
  5. A job card is not a legal requirement. A barrister reviewed all the evidence and said 90% in my favor. When choosing a garage, if you have an option, go on recommendation or use a garage that is a member of a trade association - this garage was not recommended or a member of a trade association so that left me high and dry. Small back street garages are not always the cheapest! During mediate, as its confidential and can not be used in court, the garage lied repeatedly. This to me showed the intention from the outset was to defraud and no 'misunderstanding' occurred.
  6. Settled during mediation for half the money - not happy but saves taking a day off work for court. The garage must be laughing - total crooks.
  7. I have a friend who works with Barristers and has had my case and all evidence reviewed by a Barrister, it's looking 90%+ in my favour for a full pay out. I would have preferred to come to an agreement with the company prior to court as the chances of me bumping into the guy locally is high and I don't want bad feelings - with costs, this could be more than the total of the work! The company has acccepted mediation now, so we need to get through that and if nothing is settled during that, it will be going to court.
  8. The small claims papers were issues, the trader left it to the 11th hour and declined the claim saying I asked him to fix the brakes. This is a categoric lie, and the first time he has said this. All previous email correspondence he has never said this. When meeting with him to discuss he offered an apology for not contacting me and gaining approval for the work to be completed. Looks like this will be going to court!
  9. Is a job card a true legal requirement? Thank you again for your help.
  10. Hi - Yes, I understand they are replaced in axle sets, maybe I wasn't clear. Rear Axle approx. 35k miles rear pads replaced approx. 73k miles rear pads replaced (discs probably would have lasted another 35k miles so replaced at the same time as pads approx. 80k miles rear pads and discs replaced by the garage in question. The garage is located in a very wealthy area and I suspect this type of up-selling of work is very much common place and not usually questioned. My first communication with the garage was saying I was will to pay for all the parts at cost, but only half the labour - this they refused. They have also refused to prove to me how much they paid for the replacement parts. I am not trying to get something for free, I am trying not to get ripped off and hopefully make the garage think prior to doing it to the next customer. They are not responding to future communication, so it looks like this will go to small claims. Lets try that again without the errors!! sorry typing fast as in work:
  11. Thank you - the car is a 4x4, its on 80k miles and is worth about £6-7k and is 9 years old. The first set of rear discs were replaced at 73k miles and had a reasonable amount of life left, but the pad needed changing (for the second time) at this mileage so both were replaced together. I am unsure why you think the garage did me a favour changing the back disc and pads again, when history shows the pads were probably 80% as new and disks 90% as new - can you explain better, maybe I am not understanding. I understand why they decided the change the front pads and discs while replacing the faulty caliper - I don't however understand why they didn't phone to check first. I really don't understand why or how they thought changing the rear pads and discs was acceptable or reasonable. This money was a lot for me to have to pay out, especially as I feel its added no benefit to the car.
  12. Hello, thank you for the reply. When I took the car in, I asked them to look at the car. At no point did I ask for anything to be fixed. They garage admit they did not have permission to work on the car and have verbally apologied for this. I have proof of the MOT and this was done at Kwikfit who if at all possible try to sell you brakes. I do know a reasonable amount about cars, I look after my cars well. In this case I was suited and booted and couldn't take the car far due to lack of brakes. I was about 4 miles from home so just took it to the nearest garage. On dropping it off he confirmed he would 'have a look and let me know' it wasn't till that evening that I got a call saying it would be 620 quid - that was the first contact since dropping the car off.
  13. Lesson learnt here as well. Santander have asked for my evidence and will look at possibly doing a chargeback! Fingers crossed. I will take the garage to small claims if they decide not to process the chargeback.
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