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  1. Basically a few weeks ago I received a letter to my home address which was addressed to my parents. At the time I didn't realise and opened the letter which was from Robinson Way. I realised my mistake once I opened the letter and returned to sender as not at this address (probably the biggest mistake) I contacted my parents and they told me to just ignore it. Since then the frequency of the letters is increasing and I've received a further 3 letters in as many weeks even though I keep returning them. How the hell they got my address Ive no idea but my parents are most certainl
  2. The alleged misconduct is that he has started a company in direct competion and using his current employers work. The company side of it is a joke - thier basis for this is that my parter has a website. This existed prior to his employment at the company, his boss knew of its existence and he acknowledged that due to the nature of the business it is common practice for employers to expect to see a portfolio site of work before interviewing, hence his website. They insisted in one of the meetings that he had solicited work from clients of his boss, he asked what proof he had of this and
  3. Ill try and keep this as short as possible but will add more info if required. 3 weeks ago my partner was suspended from work - no prior warnings, just handed a letter and told to leave. There has since been an investigatory meeting and disciplinary meeting, and he was informed on Friday that due to the outcome of both he is now dismissed with one weeks notice. The letter states that it is due to misconduct (and not gross misconduct as was referred to in a previous letter) and states that this is due to the boss having no trust in my partner and therefore has no option to dismiss him.
  4. Im sure Ive heard that if an appliance is supplied by the landlord then it is the Landlords responsibility for repair and maintenance unless damage is caused directly by the tenant by misuse etc.
  5. Out of curiosity can the EA's actually decide to renew my tenancy without my consent, I have a horrible feeling Im going to suddenly end up with a bill through the door for the renewal fee regardless. Have sent off the letter to the LL asking to confirm whether remaining on periodic will suffice - it seems stupid to me to change this seeing as we are already on this now. If I don't hear anything back from the LL Im not really sure where I stand with the EA though?
  6. Basically last month my 6 months tenancy agreement expired, we had no contact from the estate agents regarding this so continued to pay our rent as usual which was taken so assumed we were now on a periodic tenancy. Today I have recieved a letter from the agents informing me that I must re-sign and renew my current contract, and if I don't they'll increase the rent - pretty sure this is a bullying tactic into getting me to re-sign and pay them a ridiculous renewal fee. Now although Im more than happy to stay in the property but unless the tenancy is backdated then it will take me w
  7. Ive never rented through a letting agent before so help would be much appreciated. Me and my boyfriend have been looking to move in together and we've found a nice place, I phoned today to see what details they needed and they told me they want a £195 'tennant fee' upfront before they speak to the landlord - I spoke to my mom about this and she doesnt think this is right, and on Shelter and Citizens Advice websites it says : 'A letting agency can charge you: an unlimited fee once you have signed a contract to accept a tenancy You must have agreed to take the tenancy before the agenc
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