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  1. Thanks for reply! yes, the agreement says that LL is responsible for all the bills including CT. As far as i heard CT is frozen for the next 3 years?!!! And there will be no increase. Or am I wrong? Anyway I should not have any problems with my tenants because I know them from my previous place of work. They are not "troubles" )))))) However the time will show the truth ))
  2. there was no benefit for me personally but as far as i know this is legal requirement to tell the truth to the council ))) my main residence is at different address now, i had to tell the council i moved out. And my tenants have all the rights to stay legally at the property they rent from me. This is why I told the council about changes. I am just not sure if i could show the council tax payments (which is in the name of tenants) as my legal expenses to reduce the income tax... And the rent amount in the AST agreement was inclusive of council tax but now it appears that my tenants have to p
  3. Hi all! I am the new landlady, just few weeks before have rented out my first house. The agreement I have signed with the tenants is AST agreement. In the agreement I stated that the landlady (me) is responsible for all bills including Council Tax. This is easier for me as I will be sure that all the bills are paid in full and on time and there are no debts on my property address. But when I emailed to the Council to inform them of my tenants names, moving in/out dates the Council said that they will open new account onto the tenants name and they will have to pay the Council Tax. My questio
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