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  1. Take a look at EasyBCD for dual booting. They have very helpful forums to assist installation and it works a dream when done. I've used it without any problem mutibooting 4 OS's from different hard drives on one PC for years, it takes just 1 click to switch between systems. It's free.
  2. Do we have an area for posts about providers of good services? I've had a couple of good results lately from businesses, OK perhaps using my CAG email had an influence on some but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to post good feedback when due. I think it's right to give justified praise to those that are deserving, particularly because decent, fair treatment seems increasingly rare these days. It's so nice to occasionally find genuine businesses who respect customers and I believe we should help promote their success by sharing experiences. It also might encourage companies
  3. It is difficult to advise without knowing the timescales involved. If the hearing is fast approaching and no decision has been given on the set aside, you'll need to apply for an adjournment. I believe there are a few ways to do this, the first and easiest depends on how reasonable the other side is going to be. If both sides agree to an adjournment, it's usually granted automatically on application. Otherwise, if they refuse, you'll need to apply directly to the court but Optima may challenge it. Where time allows, it can be done by letter and is preferable, else you'll need to apply at
  4. I didn't mention the fee because it was some time ago I did it and as expected it has changed. If it gets them off your back it's worth it. Mine was decided within a week, it was granted (I was away from home too) and I went on to win the case .......... against HMRC no less. If there is no immediate threat of enforcement, I'd ignore them but you'll know more about the urgency of the current situation. They will only be arguing for payment. Should there be a need to buy some time then you may have to contact them by mail and use some delaying tactic. I'd concentrate on the set as
  5. In your circumstances I would apply immediately to the court for judgement to be set aside, it's an easy process usually dealt with by letter after you've submitted the form. You will need to give reasons why you think it should be set aside on the form, backed with evidence if you have it, to prove you were away. Include the fact that you were unaware of the debt claimed and have been given no opportunity to defend against the action. Keep it simple and don't try to use legal jargon, clueless Joe Public will get more sympathy and help at this stage. Court staff are often happy to
  6. The uncanny ability of lawn weeds to duck in avoidance of oncoming steel blades spinning at 3,500 times a minute, despite every effort. Particularly annoying is how they pop up unscathed and wave in a 'Ha, you missed' fashion after every repeated pass. If only my flowers showed such determination to survive.
  7. I'm sure all licensed premises must have toilets but whether they allow access to to non-patrons seems to be optional, although local authorities are encouraging it as they close public facilities. Will fines for public urination become a lucrative revenue stream? (pun intended) Nice to see you back samsmoot
  8. Manual can be downloaded free here, no email address needed. http://www.retrevo.com/search/v2/jsp/mytrevo/myTrevo.jsp?page=man
  9. Congratulations on recovering your money beenkidded 8). I'm so glad you stuck with it and got the outcome you deserved. Paypal won't provide any details of the case, so you'll never get to know what happened. The important points are that you got your money back and an unreasonable vendor will be penalised. Great result. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. I would suggest contacting your local Councillor, they can approach the council at a higher level on your behalf and hopefully get them to agree direct payment arrangements. If they do accept a payment of whatever you can afford now followed by installments, make sure the amounts are at a level that you can definitely afford. If you fail to keep exactly to any agreement, there won't be a second chance. Contact details for your Councillor should be available through the council website.
  11. Two telecom firms, TalkTalk and Tiscali, have been threatened with fines for billing customers for services that had been cancelled. The regulator Ofcom has received more than 1,000 complaints this year and says more customers may be affected. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11673194
  12. New York child sued for woman's death after bike crash. 4 year olds were "negligent in their operation and control of their bicycles". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11657376
  13. perplexity You are mistaken. Note particularly point 4 below. Pay for your purchases with PayPal. eBay Buyer Protection only applies to items purchased with PayPal. If your item isn’t as described or doesn’t arrive, contact the seller first. Give them a chance to sort things out for you. If you still need help, let us know your problem. If you can’t work things out with the seller, tell us by going to the Resolution Centre or contacting Customer Support. We’ll contact the seller to help sort things out. We’ll get in touch with the selle
  14. Follow Trading Standards advice, if you cancel the Paypal complaint you will lose the protection it gives and it can't be restarted. The vendor has given you no reason to trust them. Paypal do take quite a while to sort things out, they have to give the vendor an opportunity to put it right but they will refund you eventually if that fails.
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