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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. OK here's the situation me and my partner are in.. My partner is working 16hrs per week for a not so busy social club, he's been there for nearly 5 years now. In Feb this year a new manager took over the running of the club and called a staff meeting to say "no more holidays for any staff, the club can't afford it" He mentioned in the last staff meeting about getting holidays back and was told don't worry you can swap shifts with people to cover your time off. I think this is absolutely disgraceful We both know the manager is breaking the law by not giving their staff holid
  3. kelgt

    What to do?

    Thanks! I knew there was some sort of follow up letter but couldn't find it till now
  4. kelgt

    What to do?

    I'm helping a friend claim back her bank charges and we sent off the SAR letter on the 3rd April. She has heard nothing from them and said she'd let me know if they've cashed the cheque or not. I won't see her until Saturday though, and I want to get a letter prepared or a phone number for her to ring and put some pressure on them. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. Update, I have received nothing from United Utilities since I phoned them and asked for my old bill and even my new one, not a thing!! feel like I'm flogging a dead horse here. As for Robinson way DCA, well I haven't phoned them, I've been throwing their letters in the bin and I've changed my phone number. What's the worst that could happen to me? If I get taken to court do I have a leg to stand on?
  6. I've been paying through the DCA for about a year now, the water company is united utilities.
  7. I'll try and keep this short, currently I have a DCA recovering an old united utilities bill possibly going back 10 years! the original amount was for roughly £1800 and I agreed to pay them £30 pm of which I've been doing (begrudingly) even though I can't afford it. Then yesterday I get a letter saying "our client has forwarded to us for collection your current water charges. this amount has been added to the balance you owe for previous years charges and the balance you owe in total is now stated above (£1,835.01) then this in caps " THE AMOUNT YOU ARE CURRENTLY PAYING IS NOT SUFFI
  8. Thanks, I understand now I think...but with it being a debt from united utilities (water company) is there such a thing as a CCA for a utility bill?
  9. I hate this bloody company with a vengence!! United utilities have sold on my huge debt to them and I agreed to pay £30pm, a few days before payment is due they phone me up, ask if I can make full payment (to which I reply no I bloody well can't) and they even have to the cheek to ask me to pay a few days before due date as it takes a few days to show on the system I have paid. Sometimes I am a couple of days late in paying them and they phone me up twice a day bugging me and even asking if I can pay in full or increase the monthly amount! I've had loads of these court proceeding le
  10. Thanks for that, maybe I'll do them 1 at a time. Any idea what I should do about First national? I can't remember ever being accepted for a loan of any kind! yet I owed them almost £1500 back in 2003! must have been a credit arrangement is all I can think of, what are my chances with this one? No doubt it's one of them that charged me extortionate charges for late payments etc, that's why the amount was so high, almost triple what I owed the others. Oh and one last thing... say I was to be succesful in making a claim against any of these companies, would I receive the cash or would
  11. Thanks! Any idea where I would find the details for these? and would I have to send £10 to each?
  12. Ok I'll try and keep this as short as I can, Back in 2002 I got myself into a lot of debt with store cards,catalogues,credit cards, Hp etc.. In early 2003 it got that much on top that I went and seeked advice from the CAB. They advised me to get an admin order through my local county court and I did. The total admin order was for £4066.98 and I agreed to pay back all my debtors at an arranged £38 pm Since the order, I have had some circumstances changes and it has been reduced to £20 pm that I'm still paying now. Now since succesfully reclaiming my bank charges back I w
  13. Well I heard nothing at all from Nationwide and sent out the LBA yesterday by recorded delivery to Mr Charles Bacon. The pursuit for my money back continues... will keep you updated if and when I hear from them. EDIT : Just checked my account and my money has been refunded!! All 426.50 of it Well chuffed
  14. Thanks. I sent out the approach for repayment letter yesterday along with a copy of it by e-mail. Shall wait and see what happens...
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