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  1. hi list My wife has lost her job, she was self employed. After running out of cash she missed several payments to Halifax credit services. I found out about payment plans etc. My wife phone up the Halifax, made a request to freeze the interest, she stated that she did not have an income. I spoke to Halifax, and offered them £10 per month until such time that our joint finances improved, currently I am the only bread winner and I am making all mortgage payments, buying food etc. After two months of paying £10 per month, we have received a letter stating 'As we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan we've transfered your HALFIAX debt to debt collection agency. I have phoned up the Halifax on 11/12/2012 and asked them what is going on. They claim to have sent a credit default notice 3 months ago which they cliam allows them to do this. I have pointed out that we reached a payment plan with them, this payment plan has been honored by myself. The Hailfax called back today and said that the messages was unclear offered me £30 because of the 'inconvenience' of their answers and that they had not made themselves clear. I have asked them to explain themselves in writing. 1. Are they allowed to do this type of thing after accepting a payment plan? I have not defaulted on it. 2. I wonder why they have offered me £30 if they are so innoccent ? 3. What options are available to me? My wife did not choose to loose her job, its problem of being self employed. I am hard pressed to make my own payments otherwise I would have offered them more.
  2. Phone Lloyd’s from Brussels on the 23/4 requested a callback from my relationship manager, no response. Phone Lloyd’s on from Brussels on the 25/4 requested a callback from my relationship manager, no response. Phoned Lloyd on midday on 26/4, after what seems to be ages (about 5 minutes) finally get through, asked them, I they had not called back, they quote a 3 hour callback response time. They do not seem to have an answer. Find out that my PPI claim has finally been paid back some 4 weeks AFTER it should have been paid over. Ask for a response about my last letter and my Subject Access request, get a very confused answer. I remind them that it was sent registered and I am expecting a response. Ask them to find out, they finally call back and say that my last letter had been forward to their PPI section. I ask them about the subject access request and wanting a copy of the notes that they had taken, more confusion. Get back on Saturday, discover that my letter to their complains section has been answered. In my letter I stated that one of the reasons I was overdrawn was because they had taken all the PPI payments, I had been charged at overdraft rates off interest. I stated that Lloyd’s have admitted that the PPI policy was missold, therefore my account should have been richer by about 2000 pounds, therefore they should refund the interest that they had charged me on this amount, I made it to be about 600 pounds. The response I got back is 'Lloyds TSB insurance Customer Care has agreed to refund your PPI premiums and pay you 8% credit interest on the amount of their refund. This is designed to compensate you for not having the money. It wouldn’t ne appropriate for them to pay credit interest and to cover the debit interest you have paid on the same amount while you around has been overdrawn' Their overdraft rate is 26%. It do not think this is fair, if they had not taken the PPI premiums then my account would have been 2000 richer and I would not have been charged they much overdraft interest. To offer 8% interest to cover a sum of money you have taken and expect to charge 26% of a debt created as a result of this can not regard as fair. Has any body got any suggestions on what my next move should be? Their letter is signed of suggest that I should take the matter to the Ombudsman. Has any body got any suggestions one what my next move should be? I just take he viewpoint that if you do something then your answerable of the results of your actions both directly and indirectly.
  3. Just checked my balance, no PPI refund yet, which means Lloyds have taken longer than the magic 28 days to refund! Having been a 'victim' of bank charges, I am wondering what to do next? Do I behave like a bank and send a pretype letter and demand some money for doing nothing or do I behave like most reasonable people and give them some extra time to pay up?
  4. I wrote the commercial banking section yet another letter, suggesting their actions might have been in haste, issued in error etc. I also quote Lord Justice Underhils remarks. I suspect its been ignored. I also wrote the complains section. I have received a phone call to say that any action is off, I have asked then to confirm this in writing Bottom line the commercial bank section appears to be populated by some of the worst elements in banking i.e. bullies, narrow mind types that do not return phone calls in general the type of person that you would prefer to avoid in any business relationship. Then there are the folks from the complains section which I regard as being in a different class so far I have spoken to 3 different people from this section, all of whom I could describe as being professional. I will wait for the text any off letter received. I would also like to say thank you to everybody on this forum. It is nice to think out there, that somebody might be able to help, might be interest might be able to offer advice.
  5. They have agreed to the ppi cliam, according to the latest information they should be paying up by next week. I am hoping that lloyds are not going to say 'it takes four days to transfer cash from one account to another' The problem is not they they are not going to pay, but the amount of time that they are taking to pay and the results of that delay.
  6. Hi, I seem to be having some real issues with Lloyd’s. I used to working in England through a limited company, two years ago, the job market ran dry, I managed to find a software contract in Brussels. I get back to England every 2-3 weeks. I have been using the wages from that job to settle a large tax debt and an outstanding company overdraft. I managed to get the tax debt paid off. I then started on the company overdraft. I managed to pick in Brussels about the rumours off pip misspelling. I knew I had a ppi policy on the overdraft. I requested a copy of the policy document since they had never sent me a copy. When read it I discovered I not covered, if I do not have a job in England I asked to repaid the premiums charged while I was working in Brussels, at their request I supplied with documents indicating that I was working in Brussels. Their normal response has been to ignore everything unless I chase them. Their complains section has paid out 200 GBP when I complained about this. As this claim progressed it Lloyd’s classed this as claim for the entire PPI policy(I have been paying PPI on the business overdraft for 8 years). They offered a refund for 3700, I was not going to complain, I just wanted the money to pay down the overdraft. I received a letter to the effect make a payment on your overdraft, I response by saying I have made a claim about ppi mis selling, you have agree to repay me 3700. I understand from the popular press that there have been some issues with banks paying out on time. Would you like me to 1. Use a factoring company to cover this debt, I would expect you to cover the costs as you owe me 3700, which is more than enough to repay 66% off the overdraft. 2. I could sue Lloyd’s bank in court for rapid payment 3. You could extend the overdraft until this payment has been made Please get back to me. I enclosed a copy of the offer from their ppi processing section. I sent it registered mail. I also requested a callback from my business manager, this did not happen. I got back on 30/3/2012 to discover 1. They have cancelled the overdraft. 2. They want to charge me 26% interest 3, They want full repayment. I did phone them up, I wanted to point out that they owed me 3700, these facts where not in dispute, that was enough to settle a large part of the overdraft. If anybody was the upset party it should be me because they had been charging for a financial product off dubious value. When phone call when on for about an hour, they would not budge. I raised every issue that I could think off mainly being. 1. If they had paid out when I accept their ppi mis-selling offer we would not be in this position. 2. If they had not offered their ppi policy in the first places, my account would have an extra 3000 GBP in it. 3. I had been told that the only way I could have an overdraft in the first place was if I accept their ppi policy Their main arguments were "The ppi offer is nothing to do with us, now about your account" "we can not wait for your ppi offer" When I describe their PPI as a financial product off dubious value, I was told "you should not believe everything you read in the newspapers" During the conversation the person making the phone call put the phone on hold several time while he referred to somebody else. I did phone up the ppi processing section and was told it would another 8 days on the 30/3. Q. Do I have any come back? 1. I think I am being treated unfairly. 2. They are demanding payment when they owe me a large sum of money. 3. They are charging an large interest rate when they only offer an 8% interest rate on a sum of money hey have taken from me. It some what stressful working in Brussels when this ticking time bomb is waiting for me. I have told them that they are welcome to send letters to my Brussels address but unless you send it airmail it will take about two weeks to reach me. Since I am normally back in England twice a month and they will not send things airmail its faster for me just to pick up the letters in England. I have made a request on 31/3/ for my relationship manager to call me back, despite 6 reminders for her to call me, I have heard nothing. I have kept a mobile phone with a UK number so that I can be contacted by anybody. Since December my wife no longer has a job. The only way that I can afford the sums that they are demanding is dip in to the money that I have saved for the Tax, which would be illegal. Any advice grateful accepted.
  7. The text off Lloyds off is "As out final response we would like to offer you a refund of all the PPI premiums paid (inclusive of interest), plus simple interest at 8%. Should you accept out offer, the payment will also take into account any other factors there are relevant to your circumstances" etc. They want me to sign something to effect that this is a final offer, i.e. in later years it can not be question etc. I would prefer to see a spread sheet of some other way of known has this figure has been calculated. I am also question their interest rate. The wish to offer a simple 8% for the 2729.36 they have had out of over the last 7+ years. If I had requested a the same about they would have charged be interested at 24%. Also their offer does not cover the time, resources I have put in to chasing paper work, requesting information, making me go overdrawn etc. I am freelance engineer I should have been working for my client instead of chasing bankers. The moment you step out of line with a bank they charge you, I think that Lloyds have step out of line and there is case for charging them for the privllage. If I sign their standard letter of acceptance I lost that privllage. Any suggestions?
  8. It slipped out in one off my many conversations with Lloyds that they are using some type of document scanning system to send one document from one department to another which is one of the reasons that its taking so long to settle ppi cliams even after they have offered a settlement. Is it just me or when somebody says that the will offer you a settlement you expect it to be paid by exchange of letters or do bank live in a different world when it comes to refunding things.
  9. I just interested in where the 8% interest limit comes from, in my case the have offered my a repayment off my PPI + 8%.interest They have not detailed how the figure has been calculated, they have offered about 4000GBP My PPI was on an overdraft product, it has been going for more than 6 years Its my understanding that Lloyds would charge interest of 24% if I wanted to borrow 3000 over 6 years. If I go over an agreed overdraft limit they want to charge me 15 per day, by talking out this PPI product Lloyds have had in effect a free overdraft from myself. Q. Do I have to accept their offer of 8% interest when they would want so much more? Q. Can I charge them the same 15GBP per day? Q. I have been told that it will take 28 days to transfere cash to my account, how long does it actually take?
  10. I just interested in where the 8% interest limit comes from, in my case the have offered my a repayment off my PPI + 8%.interest They have not detailed how the figure has been calculated, they have offered about 4000GBP My PPI was on an overdraft product, it has been going for more than 6 years. It my understanding that Lloyds would charge interest of 24% if I wanted to borrow 3000 over 6 years. If I go over an agreed overdraft limit they want to charge me 15 per day, by talking out this PPI product they have had in effect a free overdraft from myself. Q. Do I have to accept their offer of 8% interest when they would want so much more? Q. Can I charge them the same 15GBP per day? Q. I have been told that it will take 28 days to transfere cash to my account, how long does it actually take?
  11. Tried talking to variours bits of Lloyds results. Everybody at Lloyds knowns about their ability to take money out of an account. I have then asked about the Lending code, and have received some very intresting anwers. Mainily along the lines, whats what, it does not apply. I have then pointed out that it does, it was plastered all over your all web site. Current status, its with their complains secation. I have tried talking to a 'manager at collections', my first question was to ask them what they did and to try to define their role. They seem to be very suprised as such a question, but evetual agreed they they were at 'expert a credit control and therefore an expert at how the law and bank policy codes applied'. I then quoted the lending code and asked what they were going to do next, she did not have an answer. My reponse who the 'heck' can you be an expert at credit control and not known about agreements signed by your employeer I am beging to wonder if I should just start to inform people like the Daily Mail, BBC , the Lebding Standards board,the Financial Ombudsman. My morgague is with another part of Lloyds, they have robbed Peter to pay Paul. I have opened a new bank account. What is anonyinig me, is that this is being treated as 'not my problem' we don't kneed to talk to you etc. I expect if I close my bank account with the charges left unpaid, they will just 'say its not closed' you owe us this money. Just how the heck can I force these clowns to take action, admit that there is a problem? Currently I am considering turning up at their collection center and blocking the entrace with my car etc until something happens.
  12. Has anybody through of writing a letter about this ad to the advertising complains body? The most be enough evidence on these pages alone to prove that this advert is Misleading. Wrong in places
  13. I seem to be having an ongoing dispute with Lloyds. I am self employied, use to working in England, now work in Brussels. Forgot to make a payment of my credit card before I went to Brussels(8 weeks ago) Paid normal amount on credit card last month. Ensured there was enough money in my account to payment mortage on 30/7/2010. Discover on 2/8/2010 that Lloyds have extracted 92 pounds from my current account. They have bounced my mortage standing order to C&G(another part of Lloyds) Spent about 2 hours yesterday on mobile phone trying to find out which bit off Lloyds to talk to. Finally get through the right part, 'the collections center' , discover what is going on. I did my research on your web site, discovered the 'Lending code' noticed sections 163,164. Called collections center, attempt to explain about 'Lending code', got cut off 3 times, the 3 different managers I spoke cliamed not to have heared of the 'Lending code' and that they were allowed to take cash as per section 7 of my 'agreement with them'. I did ask them to study the lending code and call me back and got the reply 'we don't call back'. After being cut off for a third time(I am calling using a mobile, its never dropped out like that before), am wondering what to do next? Does anybody have any useful suggestions? I have no desire to speak to these people again, I get the impression 1. They are not there to help. 2. The seem to be rather ignorante of the rules about banking 3. They won't call you back. 4. They are law un to themselves. Normally branchs of Lloyds do not want to get intrested, to them it is some elses problems. I have been a customer of Lloyds since 1986, I have never had any problems before this.
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