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  1. yes, the earmark has to be removed by the intervention of a Nationwide employee - just a quirk of the system and maybe a clue as to the state of their computer software
  2. Sorry I'm getting confused now :- 'So i've waited a couple of weeks, and just rang them to see if they could give me this UTR over the phone perhaps and they tell me i can't do it online because i'm not self employed ? ' Am sorting out similar problem for someone and getting HMRC to tell them their UTR is like trying to get blood out of the proverbial. Is their an easy way to reclaim overpaid tax without doing it online?
  3. Yes i thought that might be the case. In fact because they are not yet in occupation it had got to the stage of one of the utility companies issuing a County court proceedings notice. This one I have dealt with and got the company to issue a 'void' property notice. The next one I'm trying to sort is the electricity bill - bearing in mind they are not in occupancy, then there should be minimal use of electricity but apparently this is not the case. The landlord as I say has been carrying out substantial repairs etc during the summer and using basically a utility which isn't his to use? He can't surely have it both ways? He cant on the one hand tell them they are responsible for bills whilst on the other hand deny them occupation of the property and run up large bills on their behalf?
  4. My daughter is starting 2nd year at Uni and with 4 other students is renting private accomodation. They signed a tenancy agreement in June (unseen) and tenancy appears to have started 1st July for 12 months. However none of the students have moved in yet and the property is not yet fully furnished although term will start soon. The landlord has been carrying out various works during the summer and during this time property has been unavailable for occupation. The students have been paying 'half' rent for this period. On visiting property yesterday my daughter has found unopened mail including default notices for utilities charged since end of June. Landlord says 'not his resposibility'. Can anyone advise any areas I can look at in relation to this problem? eg are they tenants if they have no right of access to property? Conversely if they are deemed as tenants from 1st July then shouldn't Landlord still pay utilities as he is the only one who has used them? Any advice please?
  5. I guess others will have seen the new current account charges flyer sent out recently by LloydsTSB. The good news is they are reducing charge for returned items to £10 (maximum £30 in one day). Reducing daily fees for unplanned overdrafts on a stepped scale. The bad news they are charging £5 pm if you use an agreed overdraft of more than £10. There are however no fees or interest payable if you go overdrawn by less than £10. Still means in effect though that if you slipped into the red by £26 (whilst on holiday for instance) with no agreed overdraft facility you could incur £80 in charges. What do others think/ step in right direction?
  6. I understand the ramifications of Visa chargeback and as An Ebay seller I was just interested how you paid a non business by Lloyds Visa debit card (you say not thru PayPal). A chargeback can be reversed if as I suspect the seller of the item is able to show details of sale and delivery of same to you. Presumably you did not provide Lloyds with any proof of purchase other than entry on account. of course they can do a chargeback and that is what happened but conversely the seller can dispute this and under the same chargeback agreement get his money back from you as long as it is within 120 days otherwise sellers would be ripped off all the time by buyers claiming faulty goods etc. i dont see why you berate lloyds they are merely going thru laid out procedure and it is reasonable for them to ask that youshow reason for you not wishing to pay the seller hence their latest request. to be honest I think youre stuffed unless you have written evidence that the seller admitted goods were faulty and stated he didnt want goods back. I would be interested in final outcome. And yes as a business seller i have had had customers attempting a chargeback usually because they think theyre being clever but I've always managed to negate their chargeback because sellers enjoy the same protection as buyers
  7. So what do you suggest Euthanasia or sterilisation? Are you sure youre working in the right job?
  8. appalling behaviour! So theyr'e happy to let £3 be paid in? but not to let under £100 to be paid out? Makes you wonder what exactly they have cashiers for?
  9. Hi figures work out for a 20 year loan @11.98%. Pretty crap deal as final amount paid back will exceed £31K If it had been a 15 year loan then monthly payment would have been circa £175. As its a Secured loan the Halifax must have some security? I'm guessing that the loan paperwork might be with the charge forms used by Hali .
  10. I'm a little confused . The seller on Ebay was a non business seller but you paid by Debit card? How was that possible? If you had paid by PayPal you would have been refunded without any hassle at all. i cannot for the life of me work out why the Bank, Visa or whoever would want the goods? There must be more to this sorry tale?
  11. Hi have read around the subject on various threads but wondered if any one had ever managed to get a refund of Life cover for a mortgage. I remember when I took the mortgage that they advised that life cover was compulsory and the loan was dependant on a mortgage protection policy being enacted. i have now repaid the mortgage and obviously didn't need the policy as I didnt die. Wouldn't this constitute mis-selling?
  12. how do you get a mortgage on half a property? What security would the lender have ie could they sell half a house?
  13. mmm interesting one. I presume the credit card is with LLoyds? They subscribe to the Lending Code but am not sure it's so much a legal document so much as a Best Practice guide. Your credit card was one month in arrears? Was this the first missed payment on mortgage? Why didn't you pay the missing payment on credit card? I hear what you are saying re section 164 but is missing one payment on your mortgage putting your house at risk?
  14. Im not an apologist for Lloyds but why would another Bank be any different? As to them incurring expense - well it was explained to me by some T**t at lloyds that any unauthorised overdraft or forecast overdraft is thrown out on a daily list which a clerk/manager has to manually oversee and make a decision on. This accounts for their charge for time taken to consider and action said miscreant account.
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