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  1. ear All I sent of a request to MBNA to receive my original credit card agreement, they have sent it me back but it clearly only has my signature on and the rest has been filled in by I assume the person who was selling me the card in the first place. It has a tick on the PPI part which is not a tick by me as the previous ticks I have done have been initialed by me. It also states time in present employment, I have always been self employed. What should my next move be. I hope I have posted this correctly. Sorry to you all if I haven't Smudger
  2. Hi Everyone Have decided to send this letter to Capital One from the Templates Library, I think I am getting there slowly. Any advice on the way would be greatly appreciated. LETTER BEFORE ACTION Section 7 – Data Protection Act 1998 Dear Sir/Madam Account: xxxxxxxx You have failed to comply with my Data Protection Act Subject Access Request dated (Insert Date). If you do not comply within the next 7 days I shall seek a Court order obliging you to do so together with damages at the discretion of the Court and without any further notice. Regards Smudger
  3. Could someone advise me as to my next step. I sent a letter to Capital One saying the following: I am writing to request a fully comprehensive list of all the insurance charges added to my account with Capital One Bank. If you are unable to provide this data, I will accept copies of my statements. I understand that statements on their own are not covered by the Data Protection Act, yet I’m not requesting the statements per se, but the charges, which I’m entitled to. I look forward to your response within 40 days, as is obliged under the Data Protection Act 1998. If not I shall seek remedy from the Information Commissioner. I received a reply dated 16th July Reference: S78, telling me it was going to take a while to look in to the situation and come back to me with a detailed response. They said it could take longer than four weeks. I have just received another letter dated 11th August but Reference: PPI saying that they are going to look in to the situation and come back with a detailed response but it could take longer than seven weeks. What should my next move be, should I just wait to hear from them or send them another letter saying I am not accepting their timescale. Regards Smudger
  4. Thanks everyone will let you know how I get on. Smudger
  5. Hi dj What can I say, you are a star. I don't know how I'll be able to return the favour but I will. Thank you to all who answered, I can send my letter off now and look like I know what I am talking about, which I think reading all the threads is what helps you hopefully in the long run win your fight. Godbless you all Smudger
  6. Thank you for the advice, have had a look and I can't work out spreadsheets. Sorry for being so dumb, probably the reason I'm in the mess I'm in. The APR on this is 13.9% and yes the Halifax still own it at the moment. If it changes I will let you know. Many thanks again Smudger
  7. Hi to all I am new here and for the life of me I am no good at maths:confused:, I am trying to claim back PPI insurance on a loan I have with the Halifax, unfortunately I have defaulted on the account, so I am therefore hoping not to get any money back but to hopefully offset any possible PPI reclaim off the debt. Amount of Credit (cash Loan) £5,000 Amount of Credit (the insurance loan) £1565.58 Total amount of Credit (The total Loan) £6,565.58 Duration of agreement is 84 months Total amount I pay for the cash loan £7,838.88 Total amount I pay for the insurance loan £2,454.48 Total amount I pay for the total loan £10,293.36 Monthly Payments are £122.54 !st repayment was made on 3/11/05, I have made a total of 41 payments but I have now defaulted. I am unable to claim on the PPI as I was self-emloyed at the time I took it out and the insurance was not suitable for me. Can any one please help. I would also like to apologies if I have put this new thread in the wrong section. Thank you Smudger
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