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  1. Hi yes, Parents both live in the UK with UK status and passports He has a SA passport and a UK one (Both expired and the UK one was a child passport) Regardless he cant get a hold of any of the two
  2. Not yer, The Embassay is not local. Do you mean the UK embassay or the SA one? I wasnt sure this was valid if he had a UK Passport? Thanks
  3. Hi all, We have someone living with us who is estranged from his parents and is 17 years old. He was born in South Africa but his dad is a UK citizen and mum South African. He has dual nationality and HAD a UK Child passport. He now needs to apply for an Adult passport and has no current ID. How do we proceed from here? The birth certificate will be in South Africa, His parents wont speak to him although they both live here and he can't get in his house to get his child passport or the South African passport This cannot be the only time that this has happened? What is the best thing to do to help him get an adult passport thanks
  4. VODAFONE WRT135 Ref:#11807530 Hi All, This is the 3rd / 4th Team I have not managed to get anywhere with Vodafone and need to get Lees team involved Shocking! I have 4 lines and been a customer 6 years if that means anything. To vodafone probably not. Issue 1: I upgraded my phone yesterday, Spent over an hour in store waiting to be seen and then a further 30 minutes being seen due to how slow their system was running. I was issued the new phone and told the simcard would take 20 minutes to activate to which I then left the store. Four Hours later the sim card is still not registered in the new phone (Galaxy S6 Plus - Needs a nano) I called Vodafone, sat on hold for 20 minutes to then be told its not been done now, Give it 12 hours. Twelve Hours pass and I walked from my office the 1 mile up the road to get to the vodafone store, they then tell me the order was not done correctly and I need to wait another 3 days to get my phone working!!!!!! The message in the store that reads " We will get you going in minutes" and "Walk waway with a new phone today" are therefore totally misleading as I now have not got a working phone that I am paying for. Its a new phone, Then to make matters worse I called the CS team as it says on your website to get help immediately and he refused to take my complaint and said I need to write a letter even though your website says I can do this over the phone!!! Issue 2: My parents have 2 lines on my contract and I called 5555 for each of them before they left for portugal, My unbilled usage shot up and when I checked they have been charged for calls from Portugal back home which should have been part of the package, I call Vodafone CS and they said that they will add it now even though it was already supposed to be on!!!!. 3 of these lines can be cancelled, and I am very tempted to do this as this is the 4th big issue ive had over the last few years and it is a total mess yet again.
  5. Hi All, Wonder if anyone can help with my ongoing Vodafone Issue which is close to driving me nuts. I have 3 lines on one contract and all of which are linked to my online user account. for the last 3 months I have been unable to view any of my bills online, I can see how much I owe and thats it, I get "no bills available" and also " Java Lang Exception occured" Errors, I made my first call to Customer Services last month who after waiting ages to get through to logged into my online account and got the exact same error I had, Emailed my bill to me and advised the issue would be resolved and they ahve escalated the issue. Fast forward to the next month (This Month) same issue all over again, Same error and still cant view bill, I can see the amount but not any details regarding it, Yet another call to Vodafone, took 20 minutes to get through AGAIN! and the advisor simply said I will email it to you and that was it, After making a point about this he then said I will investigate and asked for my username and password! I queried this as the last agent did not need my password, Why did this occur, basically I have now disclosed my password for my account he said this was normal, I completley disagree. I STILL HAVE NO ONLINE ACCOUNT!! For someone who has been with Vodafone for years I am getting really annoyed with this now. The phones are my wifes and my family, I am simply the bill payer so I have to call from another phone which in turn is costing me even more money to get help as I need to call from my non Vodafone phone! So here I am 3 months later no online bill and yet another false promise of an escalation and a call back, Terrible Service!!
  6. Hi All, Just thought I would share a very positive experience with Quick Quid, I have had a few loans in a row with them now and I owed £950. It's not that I went out of control I just rolled them over, paid them off and then took out another. Well an unexpected car bill this month seen me unable to pay the balance so I called them, After speaking to someone in the call centre and explain difficulty, They arranged 4 monthly repayments, No interest no charges and starting from next month to give me some breathing space! I phoned straight through to collections never bothered with Customer Service BEST BIT IS I DONT EVEN DEFAULT UNTIL TOMORROW and they still created a payment plan and have it in writing too via email. For one of the big companies I was very taken aback by the service! Wishing I done it sooner now!
  7. Hi all, this is my first post in this area of the board as I know absolutely nothing when it comes to employment issues but my poor mum is at the end of her tether and I need to help her out. Please grab a coffee as this is going to be a long one. My mum works in a office (private sector) for little over minimum wage; she has worked there first of all on a rolling temporary basis (Employed with the company not as a contractor) and was made permanent in this year, In May of this year my mum was moved onto a new campaign within the office with a new manager, to whom took immediate dislike to her, she was openly blaming my mum for things and putting her down in front of the team (Examples Edited) Other environmental issues like ill fitting headsets with faults, unclean desks and damaged chairs also took effect. My mum couldn’t handle this anymore and was signed off work with “Work related Illness (Changed)”. This meant she was off for a total of 6 months Long Term Sick. During her absence she complied with all reasonable requests for sick lines, paperwork etc but 3 months in was given a meeting to attend, first of all this started with the manager having a right go at my mum down the phone for saying that she hasn’t turned up for a meeting which we never got the letter for (This was later discovered and I am only mentioning ) When she finally did get the meeting request and attended rather than the HR rep that she wanted their attending it was the manager she was complaining about and another manager. so needless to say she was pushed into a corner with regards to her complaint but none of her REAL complaint got heard by the managers that mattered just a watered down version of events from the manager who was hearing the complaint. Finally just before going back to work she received a meeting request this time actually with HR who covered all her concerns, addressed them in a professional manner and they both mutually agreed a phased return working program to suit them both which my mum was looking forward to. So this is now end of September with a view to returning in October, Pay day arrives to which she finds no wages in her bank account. Needless to say her Direct Debits bounced each incurring a charge as well as the Credit Card company the payment was due for also levying a £12 missed payment charge none of this is my mum’s fault as she hasn’t even stepped foot in the place in months! She called her work who said “We will look into it and call you back” needless to say around 5-10 calls later she is no further forward and no payment either, At this stage my mum gave up and started phoning pay roll herself, In the end this took 4 days to resolve and over £125 in charges from her bank never mind the bad marks on her credit history for missed payments. They FINALLY paid her and we are still waiting on them getting back to us regarding the charges that were incurred as part of their doing. Two weeks later my mum started back work on a phased return which she was quite enjoying which involved a few days a week getting her retrained addressing concerns etc and was ready .. End of October comes and guess what no wages again £20 this time, Roll on another batch of bank charges. Same as before contacted her work who said “We will look into it and get back to you” no wages by the end of that day earlier, She arrived in the office the next morning (No wages remember) a manager had a go at her in a really busy corridor and said some things (Not repeated for anonymity) This was overheard by my mum’s return to work advisor who reported it to a higher level, they themselves clearly seen the state of my mum and asked her to point out who had said it, she did and the manager didn’t believe them she then mentioned the lack of wages to which they then said we will look at it, go home and calm down you are in no fit state for work. The next day which was her day off she spent chasing management about where her wages were, they gave her the usual we will phone you back etc, and never did, she finally got the senior manager who she had spoken to the day before and this time he had turned nasty and very unhelpful. He then asked what happened last month and she explained to which she was told oh no that couldn’t have been the case he then had a go and said leave it with me. At this point my mum is in absolute pieces having been treated like dirt after trying to go back to work after a long absence which was due to them, not getting any money at all for it to live in, No one ever calling her back, and then being shouted at by the people that are supposed to care, She was in such a state she had a anxiety attack to which was a horrible experience to witness. She is also due a fair few days holiday back to whichshe is scared to ask them about as her colleague who was also off sick was told “you will lose them as you were off sick.” This morning as I was going to work my mum was sitting up in floods of tears and couldn’t even construct a sentence together about going to work so I told her to phone in sick. Still has no wages although they have promised to pay her today. They say this time the mistake was due to them. The whole time she was off she had a councilor and was prescribed anti depressants to help with her condition caused by work What do we do now? - The holiday issue surely its law that no matter sick or not she gets her holidays? What happens if they don’t facilitate / allow her to take these does she lose them? What is the best way of dealing with this? - The attitude problem of the manager/s how does she deal with this? - The wages problem has caused over £200 in bank charges and 2 missed payment marks in an otherwise unblemished credit history, how do we approach this? - My mum has taken notes and screenshots on her phone of every call made and when as well as what was said and with dates and times so taking things further there is plenty of evidence Thanks for making it to the end of this hellish story and I appreciate anyone who can help in any way at all.
  8. From Left To RightL 1) Cant find signal , 2) Gives up and shows No Service 3) Randomly goes to No Service, 4) Calls going to Voicemail and I have a good signal! I have logged this via Vodafone WRT135 too Thanks
  9. Hi All, I am at my wits end with Vodafone, I have 3 contracts with them on the same bill, This comes to around £90 which you would think would entitle you to a decent service but thats where you are wrong! On the whole till the turn of the year I have had little issue with Vodafone and have had things sorted by Lee before but this now takes the biscuit and im so angry im tempted just to go into the Vodafone store with all my phones and make a big scene! Since January I have being suffereing from poor Signal and internet service, the internet being the most frustrating of them all especially with an Iphone, Here are a list of the things that are constantly happening on ALL HANDSETS: - Phone shows a signal but when you ring it, just sits there for ages then goes straight to VM - Phone just shows the words "No Service" at the top of the phone and I get nothing at all - Phone shows searching > Vodafone UK > Searching and so it goes on.... - You are extemley lucky if I EVER get 3g (Whats the point having 500mb internet its that slow when it does work my battery will be dead by the time it loads a page!) Bearing in mind that until the new year I had a full signal 3g and everything with no issues! Another thing to point out that this also happens at my office in City Centre of Glasgow where phone works fine at 7am but come 9/10 am thats it goosed, funnily enough the 250 other Corporate Vodafone users have similar issues and theres gets resolved/resolution but when I complain different ball game, Im just a pleb to them! or in my case a mug! Called customer care and the person on the phone ran network tests on the phone which funnily enough failed but later on that day said thats it fixed, and it was for about 2 hours So Went into the Vodafone store locally to me and took the guy outside the shopping center I was in to prove just how terrible the signal was, he agreed but gave me the excuse "We are upgrading our network in your area will take around another week but please bear with us" so the guy puts all the notes on the account and I leave with 3 intermittent phones. I also have a work mobile as I am on call engineer for a large bank and even they are struggling to get through to that phone too guess what, Yeah its a Vodafone!. So 4 weeks after my visit to the Vodafone store I called customer service who in a matter of words said I was lying!!!!!!!!!!! :mad2::mad2: They advised that him and his manager had looked at the system and we had both usage on the accounts so therefore the phones must be working, Yeah this is because I ALWAYS HAVE TO PHONE PEOPLE BACK AS THE PHONE IS CRAP! and doesnt recieve calls none of the 3 or my work phone have worked for a full day since the new year!, Even had the cheek to tell me that there is work being done in my area to upgrade for 4g, Dont think they should bother I cant even get 2G! So here is my complaint Vodafone I am utterly at the end of my tether with you and I am so frustrated I could cry, My work are gibing me grief for being out of range and it is utterly infurirating! Funnily enough though when my work call Business support they say that there is capacity issues and that they are really sorry and I call up and what do i get .... TOLD IM LYING! I invite any vodafone member of staff to visit me at my home address to witness how poor this level of service is and should this not get resolved then I will escalate it to anyone who will listen to me! In my opinion Vodafone has far too many people trying to share the same equipment and guess what its not working!. I am going to seek legal advice regarding my contract terms because if this doesnt get fixed, I will go to court to get out this contract, I dont want this, I WANT IT FIXED! m paying £90 a month for a plastic useless object!
  10. To confirm, I have spoken to Lee in the past and have also been asked to confirm details also, this is purely because they require the confirmation in text and not part of a picture/document issued by another company This is so that they have a proper wtitten confirmation of identity, Hope that helps
  11. Push them, I am paying mine up over a ten month plan so they do more than 4 months plan thats for sure
  12. Hi there, Ive not had much chance to get near a financial advisor near me as my work has been hectic, What i have had though is something of much greater relief, My employer has advised me that they would support me through a trust deed and will allow me to keep my job, which is great news. How would I go about arranging one of these and my only final query is, if i go trust deed will i lose my house? its current value is £83000 and ive got £75000 outstanding on it the rest was paid by me in a depostit when i bought the house, that s the only worry i have with going trust deed is that they want my house. ANy advice greatly appreciated
  13. HotShot in all honestly you would be better creating your own new post so that we can give ita full attention and look over as your post might end up lost in thie one
  14. This is a strange one for me, I owed them £500 and they agreed a payment plan over 10 month with no extra interest added whatsoever, spoke to them over the phone and now havea monthly Standing Order set up for them, must just depend who you get on the phone, Keyes Whitlock to my knowledge are anothr part of the same company though so expect a bombardment of letters, but in all honestly I never had any issues wth them on the phone or with funny transaction requests happering C
  15. I will do, just trying to arrange to speak to a money advisor next week. C
  16. Funny you should say that im with Smile.co.uk who are Co-Op but a different name and I as well could not cancel the Direct debit under the internet banking either for quick quid as it kepot coming up a random cannot coninue error, one quick phonecall and it was all sorted, they also advised they can block them ever setting up a DD again which was useful
  17. , I dont really want to alert my HR dept to anything unless I really need to, I take it an IVA / Trust Deed is a form of bankrptcy do you reckon i would be best with the DAS?
  18. Hi Bluedog, I PMd you my location as I dont really want to put it on the main forum, would an IVA not affect my ability to work in the financial industry due to it being a form of Bankruptcy or am I wrong?
  19. I thought the advice on those sites just applied to endgoland and wales? had a look at cccs and all it says is what a DAS plan is, but on the money adviuce site it says i need someone who is an approved person for the DAS scheme any ideas?
  20. Hi all, and thanks for all the advice that you have given me regarding this matter I have an overdraft with the BOS for around £600 that I could in theory lump onto the plan but if there was a way of keeping my BOS account id be even better as I really like their internet banking update times, them as a bank etc, THere is zero equity in my house at all as we only recently got it valued and other than the 8k deposit i paid for it, its just the same, Been looking into DAS and added everything up to be £200 a month for everything that seems like the best option for me to be honest, as this cant go on the way it is, looks like i could lump in my pay day lenders that im slowly paying off into that list too so should help matters Is there a way of checking that all my agreements are enforceable or is that something for the england and wales users only? In regards to DAS does any one know of a free company that does this as the money advice site seems to only help you set them up butnot to administer and pay them out? if not free then a cheap one? Really appreciate all the help recieved
  21. No not a regualted role I provide IT support for a Bank but we get Credit Checked as part of the role
  22. Hi All. Been using this site for a while now and have so far sorted out my Vodafone problems and my Payday Loans are on the road to recovery as well. Now I just need to sort out the big ones, the Credit Cards and the Loan, I have been paying them all the minimum payment for YEARS and I am no further forward to be honest. What is the best approach to deal with these? I have never missed a payment on any of them at all, I dont know much about CCA requests etc, but should I simply send them all a CCA request and check if they are all enforceable? I would need to know the timeframes etc. How do i go about asking them to close the account and freeze interest to allow me to actually pay the amount off as a lower amount?, what do I do about the loan? Would a debt management plan be a good idea? The mortgage is being paid every month as a priority its all the unsercured lending im having problems with. My biggest worry is that my mortgage which is with Bank Of Scotland (same as the CC) and is completely up to date as Im scared that if any of these companies take me to court that they will try for my house and I really dont know what to do, this all happened because my Wife was helping me with the bills but her being paid off means that I have all the bills to pay off my own salary, as well as Utilities/phone etc. I managed before by using the Payday Lenders but this was just making matters worse and Im at the point now where I dont even have £20 left to put food on the table!, my other worry is that my current account is with BOS and Im almost certain when I default on the card that the Current Account will get raided for the money, One more thing to note is that a CCJ or Bankruptcy could have a negative impact on work as I work in Financial Services. Oh and if it has any relevance im in Scotland HELP!!!! Ive listed all my commitments below: Credit Cards ----------------- Company : Bank Of Scotland (Credit Limit:£6500 // Balance : £6000 // Min Payment:£300 // PPI : No) Company : Virgin (MBNA) (Credit Limit:£1000 // Balance £985 // Min Payment:£40 // PPI : No) Company : Marks & Spencers Money (Credit Limit: £1500 // Balance:£1490 // Min Payment:£45 // PPI : No) Company :BarclayCard (Card has been withdrawn) (Credit Limit:£1390 // Balance :£1440 // Min Payment:£45 // PPI : No) Company :Egg Card (Card has been withdrawn) (Credit Limit:£2000 // Balance:£1400 // Min Payment:£45 // PPI : Yes (NOW CANCELLED)) Company : Debenhams Store Card (Santander Cards Ltd) (Credit Limit: £250 // Balance :£175 // Min Payment:£7 // PPI : No) Loans -------- Company : Tesco Personal Finance // Loan Amount: £8500 // Balance Left: £7800 // Monthly : £186
  23. Whatever you do, if you can just pay off mini credit off in full if you can, as they will point blank refuse to do payment plans and many on here will agree with me before the end of the month is out the debt doubles so please when working out your priotites just pay this mopb off as i found them horrendous! they just go straight for court, good luck
  24. my gd surely not, QQ agreeing to a term more thean 3months!, You are very lucky even at that!
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