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  1. Yes you are probably right, it was probably much my fault for putting in the bullying and harassment comments in my resignation letter. Although correct I didnt and dont want to take this any further. All I want to do is finish with this company and get on with my life. I dont want to go down the constructive dismissal road or anything like that. My thoughts are that my health are more important than this job. They are not aware of my wifes disability, I`ve managed fine for the last 15 years working and looking after her. Because I work 3 weekends out of 4 I suspect that they are panicking bec
  2. Hi all I could do with a bit of advice from everyone. A bit of background first. I`ve been in my job for 17 years having been Tupe`d over 8 times now, the latest being in April 2012. The job has become steadily worse with the grief and pressure I am getting from my new employers. Nothing I do is right nowadays even though I know my job back to front but hey ho they are the employers and so I I just do as I am told. In 17 years I`ve been off sick about 4 times, each sickness no more than about 1 week at a time. Just recently I came back from holiday and I couldnt go in because
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