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  1. I've posted different questions surrounding some of my current debts but in one particular case I would like opinions on how to proceed. Situation is a debt was purchased by a dca some 5 years ago, at the time the balance was under £4000 . No interest was applied by the DCA and was in reality frozen by them. 5 Years on and after making regular payments albeit it greatly reduced payments I have now established that my debt has spiralled to almost £12.500 I have sent a subject access to the dca that say the own the debt and who I have been paying the reduced payments to for the
  2. No, I've been paying a DCA until very recently.
  3. Thank you for clearing up some of that. It has been over 6 years since hearing from the original creditor, I have assumed (rightly or wrongly) that since the DCA wrote stating that they owned the debt that they indeed owned the debt but after sending them a subject access request I can see nothing within it that shows where if any there is communication from the original creditor and there is nothing by way of a credit agreement from the original creditor. At the very least I would have expected sight of the original credit agreement.
  4. Who do I address the form to? Would it be Data Controller? What is their headoffice? Although I have 3 accounts with them it has been over 6 years since I last heard from them direct and they have since sold two of them with the third being settled. Would they still hold the documentation after so long?
  5. have to be first defaulted, then terminated and then and only then can it be sold? I have a default letter, it roughly corresponds to the date of the default added to my credit file (but was added by the DCA not the original creditor) but no termination letter. What I have after the default notice is a few months down the line a letter from the DCA stating that they own the account and to pay them? Would therefore the account have to have been terminated for the DCA to then take up the reigns? Also, is there a particular format the DCA must write to me in when stating that
  6. I shall shortly be making a Subject Access Request to MBNA and would like any opinion on what it is I can expect in return. I have three accounts with them, I do not intend to give them any account details when making the request but simply make the request in my name from my address. Do they supply the requested information? In what format is it sent? Document/ cd/ pendrive? What address is the best to write to them for the request? Who do I make the cheque out to when sending it?
  7. Thank you for that Harrassed Senior, I have made a note of that letter. Does anyone have a copy of MBNA terms and condtions regarding a credit card from late 90's
  8. I am not aware of any such law or regulation that stops a company from supplying their telephone number when calling. Many PBX systems automatically withold the number due to the source of the call having first to dial for an outside line (usually 9)
  9. Sorry, I should have been a little clearer. There is no issue with statute barred, I have been paying them. It is just that I have obtained some information via my Subject Access Request and part of this is there is a letter stating that they purchased the debt way back in xxxx My concern is that they have appplied interest where they should not of and at the same time as this I would like to see a copy of the original terms and conditions of the original credit agreement to see if there was any provision for interest to be charged once they the original creditor had sold the account
  10. Does anyone hold a copy of the T&C on an MBNA Credit Card between 1996 - 1998? Or is there an online archive where I can find the aforementioned document? Failing that, does anyone know if when a debt is sold that the interest on the debt be frozen at that point? I received a letter from a DCA stating that they have purchased an account of mine (some years ago now) but after further checking it would appear that the DCA do not hold a copy of the original t&c and yet they have applied interest to my account.
  11. I won't be paying them anything again that is for sure. So if they have purchased the debt it is them that has to provide the credit agreement and not the original credit card company? There is no refgerence to any agreement anywhere on their produced Subject Access Request. At the same time as this does the Subject Access have to contain copies of the exact letters sent to me and not as they say 'Representation of a letter sent on xx/xx/xxxx What course of action can I take against these people? I do not understand how they can without any notice or terms of agreement a
  12. Hello everyone, registered a name through my friend bringing me to the site and although we have similar issues on some of our debts there are a few that I would like some advice on please. I recently sent a debt collection agency a Subject Access Request which they subsequently supplied on a cd. I do not understand some of their terminology and neither do I understand some of their methods of working out a balance. Contained within the Subject Access Request are pdf documents in respect of letters that they allege they have sent me. I have some of the letters but not all.
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