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  1. Hi. I insured my second car around 6 month ago using a broker. They were quite good to start with. However, once they had my money they became a pain. Wanted photocopies of everything. Licence, mot, log book, service history etc etc. I gave them all of this. Then another request for the dvla code to check my license for points etc. I gave them that. Finally I thought. They are now wanting my current mileage. I have bought and paid for 12 month insurance. Why do the need this info with 5 month to go? I have never had to do any of the above before. Is this normal? They are
  2. Sorry we are boring you Emmzzi. Obviously her job is important to us. So as much advice as we can get is needed. We might be fighting a loosing battle, but we still have kids to feed, mortgage to pay etc. If she had done anything wrong then fine. That's her fault. But she has done nothing other than complain that she felt unfairly treated with holiday refusals. I appreciate you probably know employment law inside out. We don't. What would you do if your job was gone. Lay down and roll over? Doubt it.
  3. I am not sure if there is a case. It's amazing how she has been there just under a year? Cheeky gits even gave the letter to a non manager to give to her! She has had no discipline meetings, no signs of any issues except the denial of hols etc.
  4. Is it a job worth fighting for? The reason for termination is "they don't feel it's working as well as expected". The whole thing is a sham. I feel very sorry for my partner.
  5. Well a quick update.... They have now terminated her contract. Obviously they wanted her gone and poor treatment didn't make her hsnd her notice in.
  6. The contract clearly states that the holidays cannot be carried over. Use them or lose them essentially. Thanks for the advice on the matter. I will get her to ask when she csn use up the 3 weeks she has left. Just seems a little bit rubbish when we have cancelled one holiday to suit the employer and now another. Surely the employer can't just keep denying her and not others??
  7. I don't believe that the new employee used to take notes had any business in the discussion either. I just want clarification of her contract as there is no pleasing the employer! The contract states. Holidays must be taken at times convenient to the employer and sufficient notice given to enable holiday to be accepted. Holiday forms must be used. This to me is too open for the employer to abuse. If it stated peak times, school hols, certain months then fine.
  8. The holiday period runs Jan to Dec. She must take these hols as her contract states that holidays cannot be carried over. She had a weeks hol declined in Oct (yet 3 other staff members were allowed them) so I booked December assuming 3 months notice is enough.
  9. In what way is the law being breached? The manager not allowing holidays?
  10. The manager used an employee that has only worked there for 2 weeks to take the notes. I assume this was tactical as it is unlikely she will say anything against the manager in question. The company is quite small and apparently the excuses used are from the owners mouth! I have asked my partner to ask for another meeting but with the owner and myself present. We have no issues with taking hols to suit the business but there appears to be no suiting the business!
  11. Hi, After all my issues years ago, I decided self employment was for me. However, My partner is still employed. I have booked us a hol in December after she was refused a holiday in October. Now, the December holiday is being refused?? She currently has 3 weeks entitlement left, but can't seem to book any of it! The employer has dragged her into a meeting without warning and given her a copy of her contract that states holidays must be taken to suit the employer. But holidays cannot be carried over. Her employer has said, "you should of took them by now".... And "Why do you want
  12. Hi All,, I have had a run in with my manager in 2010. I was dragged through the HR system and with some help from a mate, won my case and kept my job. However, I have not been happy in my job really since returning to work. But over the last couple of month's, I have had more work load added, more responcibility, and with it, more crap from above. I don't mind the work, but recently had a talking too for doing a particular job because another employee (one the manager brought in from a previous job..) complained about me. I said, I have done my job as requested, and instead of g
  13. This is the problem, we don't know what to do. We cannot get any sense out of anyone on who owns the business, but yet it is still open and running? Someone must own it!
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