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  1. KATE BRAYNE VS LLOYDS TSB PERSONAL BANKING SETTLED IN FULL! Checked my bank balance last night, and found that LLoyds had credited with me £4,200. So it was with great pleasure that I was able to donate 5% of that to the Bank Action Group. Thank you all. Next question - if you have agreed to settle on the bank's terms (apart from condifentiality), can you then go back and claim for all the charges they have imposed since your original claim went in? Kate
  2. Dear Keren, Good luck for tomorrow, I hope your stay gets lifted. Best wishes, Kate
  3. Dear All, So I checked online today and Lloyds credited £771 to my account yesterday. I've had no letter about the case from them or their solicitors, but I knew the money was imminent when I got a letter on Saturday from my business bank manager saying that "following a review of your account I am writing to advise you that Lloyds TSB is unable to continue to offer banking facilities to you". Fortunately, I set up a business account with the nice people at the Co-Operative bank before I started all of this, so no great hardship, but how boringly predictable of Lloyds. it plays quite nicely into my hands though, as I have a court hearing on Monday to request a lift of the stay on my case against Lloyds for my personal account, and one of the reasons I had requested the case go ahead promptly was that I was at risk of Lloyds closing my account at any time! Anyway, I'm off to pay my 5% now - I've looked forward to doing that for a long time. Kate
  4. Dear Keren, No, my claim is with Lloyds TSB. I hadn't realized that some people were getting stays lifted without a hearing - I've not been visiting the forum often enough. It does seem that policy is being written on the hoof - I managed to get the hearing to have my stay lifted by writing a letter to the court - other people seem to have to pay up to £65 and fill in special forms. I'll keep an eye out to see how you get on on the 24th. Good luck, Kate
  5. I too have a hearing for my stay to be lifted on 27th November. Do we actually have a chance to speak, and if so, has anyone successfully had their stay removed, and what did they say? Kate
  6. Dear All, having had a letter from Martineaue Johnson on 13th October, agreeing to settle my claim in full, I still haven't received any money, and in fact was sent an Allocation Questionnaire on Friday. I phoned up to find out what was going on, and it turned out that, in the letter I had sent refusing to accept the conditions they had placed on my claim (which was one of the suggested letters someone had posted on their thread, sorry can't offhand remember which thread it was), I had inadvertantly given the impression I wasn't prepared to accept their settlement at all, and therefore the case was proceding. The solicitor advised me to send back the original letter they had sent me, but to cross out the paragraphs that mentioned confidentiality. She said that the bank would accept this, and she would then advise them to settle. So I guess the lesson is that you have to be really careful what you write, you can have unforeseen consequences if you get the legal jargon a bit wrong. Hopefull I will now get my money, Kate
  7. Dear All, I just had a letter from Martineau and Johnson offering to settle my claim for my business account in full, including interest and MoneyClaim fee - a total of £771.83. I will write back to accept, but to point out that since the original schedule of charges was submitted, they have since charged me another £100+, and if they do not refund that money as well then I will start the whole process all over again. This letter arrived 4 days after they had sent me the copy of their client's defence. You do wonder why they bother. Also, in the defence it stated that I had cited the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations, which, being a good and diligent student of this site, of course I had not, this being a business bank account. So even when they are preparing cases to supposedly go to court they are sending out stock letters. I shall point this out to them too. Thank you to eveyone for being a support and an inspiration. I shall take great please in donating £40 as a result of this claim, and when LLoyds pays me back the £3900 I have claimed for my personal account I shall take even greater pleasure in donating 5% of that. Kate
  8. Dear k23d26 I have just filed on Moneyclaim against Lloyds today, so I will be with you all the way! Good luck to us all, Kate
  9. Dear All, So I've now had the standard reply to my preliminary letter from a Ms Siddique Khan (they waited the full 13 days before posting it, but I can be patient...), so today the Letter Before Action goes off. Interestingly, I had a very prompt reply to my Preliminary Letter for my business account, in which they spontaineouly refunded me two lots of unauthorized borrowing fees, plus interest, which they had applied even though apparently I had not gone £50 over my overdraft limit. I had actually missed one of the fees, and failed to ask for it to be refunded, so that was a bit of a result. And in fact in both cases I had gone more than £50 over my overdraft limit, so hurrah! Will keep you updated, but I'm sure the next thing you hear from me will be that I am filing my MoneyClaim on 7th September. Kate
  10. Dear Catherine, Before sending off your on-line claim, have you sent a letter before action (LBA) to Lloyds, 14 days after they received your preliminary letter? If not, the template is in the library, and I would suggest you do that first, in order to follow the proper process. Good luck, Kate
  11. Dear All, So I sent off three separate preliminary letters on Monday, (now I know I could have sent one to cover both personal accounts) and have received the standard response from Sylvia Smith "just writing to let you know we've received your complaint" etc. Will keep you all posted about developments. Kate
  12. Dear All, I have sent off my preliminary letters today - I have sent three separate letters for the three accounts I am claiming for. Will keep you posted of results. Kate
  13. Hi, I am claiming charges back for both personal and business accounts at Lloyds. I am a sole trader, so don't have the problems with limited companies. I just wondered if it would be necessary to file a separate claim for the business account than from the two personal accounts, as the legislation is different? I am presuming here that I can claim for both personal accounts in one action? Thanks for all help, Kate
  14. Hello Everyone, I registered back in June, but it's taken me until now to set up an alternative current account (Smile took me on, Nationwide considered me too big a credit risk). I'm going to be asking Lloyds for a refund of £2615 charges on my personal account over the last six years, and £715 on my joint account over the last six years. I'm quite worried about the process, but steadfast in my determination to go all the way to court, if I have to. I will keep in touch now. Best wishes, Kate Brayne
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