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  1. swa10

    PPI Reclaim

    I have started the process of CCA all my creditors and replies are begining to come back some good news some not so good news. All of my loans and credit card debt dates back to 2000 with no new credit being taken since 2005. I was wondering how to either ask about the payment protection insurance taken out with these loans or to claim back PPI money if it has'nt covered the debt. I cannot for the life of me remember if all loans or credit cards had PPI so I was wondering if there was any way of finding out which had PPI and which I can claim back.(I know some had PPI). In essence I want to start the ball rolling to claim back any PPI owed to me and dont know where to start..
  2. swa10

    Do I Sign

    No the one who cant find my details is metropolitan collection services..... by the way thanks for the swift reply
  3. swa10

    Do I Sign

    I have followed the advice given on this forum and I am currently at the first stage, all the CCA requests have been sent out and I am beginning to get back replies. One of these replies is from HFC BANK and it sates that they require my signiture as authority to process the request .... Is this right do they need my signature???? Another one states that they are unable to locate an account with the details provided(acc.no on CCA letter) and could I send them the account details and card number.... lastly I have scanned these forums untill my eyes spin could someone point me in the right direction(letter template or thread) as to what is the next step when writing back to these people Thanks...........
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