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  1. ps. FYI the properties I have charge on they own and reb=nt out so im not directly forcing familes out of their homes and why I have had to justify this i dont know.
  2. Blimey I wasnt expecting to be made to feel like the bad guy! I just wanted some advice. Im a one man band and have been trying to collect my money since 2006! I did some work for them and they never paid but they have now sold the development and got there profit but i myself am left in debt following this. I dont have the cash for solicitor and the courts can only help so much. I only posted on this forum as a last ditch attempt to get this issue resolved. I wanted advice on how to push order of sale which is not covered is on HMCS website. Well thanks I shall continue my quest.
  3. Thanks for the info Ganymede, Sounds like an awful lotta work...hopefully if I start the ball rolling the debtor may cough up as Im sure he does not want to loose his properties as he makes his living from renting them out. I will keep you posted Thanks again
  4. Thanks for your response, I did look at other forums but none of them seem appropriate. perhaps My query is a General debt question. Perhpas somebody may be able to help....
  5. Hi, Im looking to sell a debt of £95k. I have a charging order from the court and am cy=urrently seeking advice on enforcing this but in the meantime I wouldnt mind just getting rid of the debt and taking a loss. I have had one quote from a company called bluestone but they wanted 67% of the debt when and IF they recovered it....I thought that was a bit steep. would love to hear your ideas and responses thanks
  6. HI Im really hoping someone can help as Im finding this all extremly confussing! To cut a really long and boring story short I obtained a charging order over a company/person back in 2006. The debtor was due to make regular payments to clear the debt of £95k but he only made one very small payment since then I have written and tried balliffs to no avail. My last hope is to enforce the sale of the property but im unable to find relevant forms and guidance. If I have to usse a solicitor of course I will but for the time id quite like to look at how I go ahead. I know that the debtor r
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