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  1. ok here's the story, I contacted welcome late last year to reclaim the mis-sold insurances on my HP agreement with them. I was about 8 payments away from the 50% and I realised that I had no details about what insurance i had with them as I was concerned by a rumour that Welcome were in financial trouble. I CCA'd them and got a copy of my agreement back and found I had Mech and GAP Insurance. I then contacted the insurance admin company, forget name.. and they sent me some terms and conditions for each. I was happy to find that I had the option to cancel them either within so many days of taking out the agreement or within so many days of receiving the documentation. Well as I had only just received the documents, I sent off a letter to cancel them. They passed me to welcome and after a few months, I finally got a letter saying that they would refund the insurance premiums paid and arrange for a local branch to contact me to sign an amended agreement. In the mean time I stopped paying Welcome as they were messing me around but they finally agreed to do something about it as I mentioned above. Well I have never been contacted and I have now found they have sent a default notice to my mothers address (no idea where that came from because the agreement was between me and them at my old address and they have corresponded with me at my new address.) The Default notice is (according to other on here) crap. It states no actual date and just says "fourteen days", it states the agreement is between myself at my mothers address and welcome finance, and it also states that I not only have to pay the remaining balance of the whole agreement, less some interest rebate, they also want the car back. ultimately I paid 21 of 48 payments so I'm 3 off the 50% mark but over the third mark so I know they need a court order to repossess. Now my question is, do I... 1) just ignore the default notice as it was not sent to my address which they have and then just chase them on the new agreement and my refund of insurance premiums pretending I have no knowledge of the default notice Or 2) respond to the default notice saying i have received it and it was sent to incorrect address and then chase them on the new agreement and refund of insurances? any advice guys? want to make this as painless as possible. Thanks in advance.
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