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  1. I did get it right the first time but it went wrong after when I couldn’t find the mcol ref. I’m going to call them first thing tomorrow and say I’m my daughter and try and get it all reset. I need to sort my laptop too but not sure how to. I would have thought that deleting cookies and browsing history would be sufficient but clearly not. I will give update tomorrow after I speak with them and do the n180. Shall I still do the Sar and to whom? Dcbl or ukpc. Thanks
  2. I did. But I have a problem with my laptop I think because it keeps using my info somewhere in the background even though I only ever use her name etc. I think it remembers me from an old case. also, whenever I use the government gateway I get problems as it keeps using old logins from other people who I’ve helped in the past with tax returns. I’ve tried clearing cookies and browsing history but it keeps happening. Eg I put in a gateway code and password but it shows as error because the password doesn’t match the code it’s decided to use. It’s driving me nuts.
  3. Thanks. I did all that but I will try it again. Strange thing is that although the screen says it’s me, the user profile is my daughter. I will try again but reckon I will need to call them.
  4. Mcol keeps taking me to the government gateway login page and not the mcol one
  5. I will check mcol and will do the sar. I’ve explained to my daughter what the situation is and she’s prepared to go to court if necessary but she would only offer them the original fine whatever that is, iro £60 I guess. But I will check the mcol first. thanks for the reminders. Do we need to do a N180 and send it to the court?
  6. Thanks. The whole family got ill. I ended up in hospital briefly but getting better now. I need to go to the post office tomorrow anyways. I sent the CPR a few weeks ago but can’t remember the exact date. I do have the proof… yes sent on 15/12
  7. Thanks. I’m at home sick with Covid atm so I’m glad I can relax for a bit
  8. Thanks. I was in a panic tbh so found a N9B I think it was and emailed it to them. Didn’t do a N180 though. I will do one and send it as well.
  9. I don’t believe this. My laptop is being repaired so I used a different one to login. But I had to mess around with passwords etc. anyway I’m in Mcol and entered the claim number and password but system is saying they’re incorrect. I feel like screaming tbh i think it thinks I’m me and not the defendant.
  10. Hi. Happy Christmas. I’ve just realised that the defence to this court case needs to be put in by 26/12 I think (33 days from 24/11) if anyone has a few mins to spare can you tell me whether the defence of not being aware of it counts. As in we haven’t seen a ticket and no knowledge of a notice to keeper. We only received a couple of letters from DCBL this year - 5 years after the event. We cannot identify who might have been driving the car at the time. Is this a reasonable defence? It is the truth. I think DCB Legal were hoping to win cases by default because of the Xmas holiday and distraction. im sorry but I almost forgot about it too so any advice at all would be appreciated. Nothing back yet on CPR.
  11. Hi View as PDF View as Plain Text View AOS Response Forms Start Defence If you dispute the whole claim or wish to make a claim (a counterclaim) against the claimant, complete the defence form. Start Part Admission If you admit part of the amount claimed, complete the Admission and the Defence form. View Instructions If you admit all of the amount claimed, complete the Admission form. This is where Im up to on the mcol pages. Shall I just exit now and not do anything else. I followed the instructions that I was given by CAG. If my daughter loses this case, what is the likelihood of the amount being reduced to £100 as suggested prevously? My daughter will be devastated by a CCJ. She's working hard to qualify for her future career and wants to be able to get a mortgage one day. This seems so unfair. I will do the CPR in the morning as I'm too tired now. I don't see how this can be defended if nobody knows anything about it. Whoever was in the car has not owned up to it. They still haven't sent a copy of the NTK or the letters apparently sent by UKPC when this occurred. I also noticed that DCBL sent out a whole bundle of these little poison arrows on the same day as people have been mentioning them on the facebook parking invoice pages. They're very busy it seems. And many of them are as old as our one and from UKPC and others. thanks
  12. Hi. Thanks all for your responses. I just wanted the bit about our personal situation deleted if poss. I was just wanting to explain to you guys so that you didn’t think I was ignoring advice. I will do what has been suggested. If I get stuck I will come back as soon as possible to ask for help. I will get it done this weekend. can I just confirm that the CPR goes to DCB legal? Thanks
  13. They’ve added £80.92 to the original £160 plus £35 court fee plus £50 legal rep fee i didn’t send an SAR as our house was chaos (can’t go into details but so many issues atm) and I kept meaning to do it but then I thought it was too late after the 30 day deadline passed. I just don’t want you all to have a dig at me for neglecting to do SAR. thanks for your help and advice
  14. Name of the Claimant ? UK PARKING CONTROL LTD Date of issue – 24/11/21 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1. The defendant (D) is indebted to the claimant (C) for a parking charge(s) issued to vehicle (vehicle reg) at Valley Retail ParkHesterman WayCroydonCR0 4YA 2. The PCN details are 12/4/2016, 13xxxxxxxxxx 3. The PCN(s) was issued on private land owned or managed by C. The vehicle was parked in breach of the terms on Cs signs (the contract), thus incurring the PCN(s). 4. The driver agreed to pay within 28 days but did not. D is liable as the driver or keeper. Despite requests, the PCN(s) is outstanding. The Contract entitles C to damages. AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS 1. £160 being the total of the PCN(s) and damages. 2. Interest at a rate of 8% per annum pursuant to s.69 of the County Courts Act 1984 from the date hereof at a daily rate of £0.02 until judgment or sooner payment. 3. Costs and court fees What is the total value of the claim? £325.92 Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC (Pre Action Protocol) ? Yes. Letter of Claim Have you changed your address since the time at which the debt referred to in the claim was allegedly incurred? No
  15. We received a county court claim form today Price has gone from £160 to £325. I’m gobsmacked tbh. What can we do now? I thought it couldn’t go beyond the £160???
  16. Hi I've searched the SAR section in the Library and have got caught up in a loop which keeps taking me back to the Library page. I cannot find the SAR template anywhere. I've even looked at other posts to find it but so far no luck. Is there a version I can cut and paste? thanks
  17. Hi again, so I will send a SAR to UKPC because I don't remember seeing the NTK. Then should I let DCBL know otherwise they will probably issue the court papers but they might hold off if i tell them about the SAR? what do you think? I need to do it this weekend or it will be beyond the 30 days. Otherwise to let it run will definitely lead to a court case perhaps?? Can I get a copy of a SAR letter on here? thanks
  18. Hi again. I've got a broken sternum so struggling to get much done lately. I noticed that they didn't send me the copy letters from UKPC or the NTK. I think whoever did the offence might have been staying with us at the time so not seen ticket or anything. They sent a pic of the parking signage but now I can't find the blinking letter and attachments. Everything keeps getting put away by the ocd person i live with - the one who's name this ticket is in - and who seems too upset to even cope with this at all (my daughter). i'm so fed up with it all. I like the logic of letting it go to court as the costs won't increase and we are living on the breadline anyway at the moment so can only agree a small amount each month. so do you think i should send DCBL a SAR, or UKPC cc DCBL? thanks
  19. DCBLegal responded today This time they sent lots of photos of the car in the disabled bay on 12/4/16 at 19.27hrs. So no point sending a SAR. we don’t know who the driver was and no way of finding out after all this time. We have been given 30 days to pay £160 or will be taken to court. not sure what to do now. I don’t know if the snotty letter will make them disinclined to set up payment terms? Also can’t understand why they never sent the evidence sooner.
  20. I will need to find the original two letters. It wasn’t that long ago so they can’t have gone far but nobody remembers this pcn which makes me wonder about the date. I will check.
  21. Hi I posted both this morning, I will let you know how i get on thank you all for the help and advice
  22. ok then, I will send out the mocking letter as recommended by you guys. I will send it first thing tomorrow to both of them by royal mail - do I need to send registered post or just next day delivery (I think I read in the snotty letter section that not to do registered post)? thank you for your advice PS Their letter is a Letter OF Claim, not a letter Before claim - does that make a difference? thanks
  23. I haven’t done my own thing in the past and have always used your letters word for word. But this is different. It’s a pcn. I looked up snotty letters and was confused trying to find one to fit. so you want me to mock them? This isn’t Gladstone or Gladys etc it’s a different mob. I am confused. Is that a template for all the fleeces? are you saying I should copy it word for word
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