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  1. Hello, I'm in the process of filling out disassociation forms after receiving advice on this forum. It seems a simple enough process for Experian, but I also wish to remove the financial associate from Equifax records. Would somebody be able to tell me if I need to become a memeber/join Equifax to send this form to them. They seem particularly difficult to find any contact details for (phone number in particular). After much searching, I have found a suitable form, however it states that I must have an up to date credit report and reference number to send this form to them. I ha
  2. Hi Wondering if anyone could offer any advice on the problem I'm currently facing. My partner and I are looking to have a joint bank account with Santander and I have applied for her to be added onto my existing account. However this has been refused due to an Experian report stating that she has an adverse credit rating. We have printed the report out and made enquiries at the bank and were told this was due to a linked address that has adverse credit attached to it. I believe this is the house she previously lived in with her family, roughly 2 years ago. Her step dad was made
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