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  1. but on the plus side it would be sorted a lot quicker and cost tsb a lot more,what is the time scale if u go through the courts and what would i need to do
  2. taking far too long for obnibusman to sort tsb out ,can i take tsb to court whilst they i am waiting
  3. yes it is but the police will have to observe her leaving her vehicle with the engine running and if she works for the police i doubt whether they will nick one of there own
  4. take it from me ,i was in the widow game for over thirty years and know most of the cons.you are known in the industry as a kick in you will beleive anything,first there is no such thing as 50%discount they add that on to take off,it sounds to me as though he has kidded you about the knock down price and promised you that price is valid for the next 12 months should you decide to go ahead,a common tactic used by several of the big companys.never ever go to a big company for your windows you pay through the nose anglian have showrooms dotted all over the country every showroom has to be kitted out and staffed all at a cost ,any company has to cover their costs before they start making a profit and with all that to cover hence a high price,anyway to get back to yor problem if a surveyer has not been out and taken accurate measurements of your windows they will not have started making them so they have lost nothing tell them go jump in the lake after a few threats they will go away,if someone turns up to take accurate measurements tell him to go away,if you get any problems just let me know and i will advise you further,you have nothing to worry about
  5. some statements show it others dont and yes there are some missing but not bthat many also a ccr agreement which shows a tick in the box for no ppi and they are still dragging their heels and the card people will not consider them until i send them all to them to consider
  6. i today had a long heated debate with a manager where your ppi fate is handled .when you get the letter from the bank that they have carried out a full investigation to your claim that is a out and out lie. this is what really goes on . these people have a system that only allows them to look at data going back 6 years, so when you get that letter stating that they have no recordx beyond that this statement is a smoke screen, when pushed, i explained that when you either speak on the phone or write letters you are representing and speaking or writing on behalf of the bank and to say that you have no records beyond 6 years is a very misleading statement, his reply was it was not it was true in the sense that they are not allowed by the bank to look at anythig over 6 years and the software they have prevents them from doing so, this means that if a claiment has not got any paperwork to support his claim that is over 6 years old they have no way of finding out on there behalf as they are prevented from doing so by the bank so all in future will have to do a sar on them like i did and got 13 years of credit card statements off them , when you claimed you had no records working and representing the same company, a sar request is a legal right to all the data they hold on you not everyone goes to that trouble ,we are told only to comply to the data protection 6 year rule and to that end he claims that they are telling you the truth that they have no record beyond that, yes because the bank as you well know and admit they prevent you from doing so .this is nothing short of a disgrace but what do you expect from lloyds tsb
  7. i have sent these statements off to the card poeple still awaiting reply as far as call the mistakes i have been pased from piller to post and no one is prepared to take responcability it is always somebody elses dept not theirs, they keep giving me phone numbers which turn out to be the ppi complain/help line ,they told me to ring card servies in scotland and ask about this platinum card i had been using up until 2008 with i suspect ppi on it , and you could not make it up but according to their records i cancelled this card on dec 7th 2000 which is another reason i suspect a nasty smell, what does others think
  8. yes but to give you a glimpse into others i also have a letter from the bank which i got in 2011 on my 65th birthday stating that the unemplyement cover now no longer applied to my ppi cover witrh the relevant credit card number, they say they have no record of this in their system, also in 2008 i was talked into converting my credid card balance into a bank loan which hands up i agreed to so i surrended my platinum card with the instructions to cancell it and be destroyed , i thought that was the case as i never ever got another credit card statement relating to that card. until looking through all the paperwork from the sar request i find a lone statement dating oct 2009 the limit had been changed from 15k to 1 k and there was a zere balance i also found in the paperwork that the card that i thought had been destroyed by the bank was not closed until 2011 what the hell is going on with these people
  9. yes i do have proof on one hand the credit card debt say they have no records of any credit cards , and after admitting misselling they can only pay out on assumtions, after requesting a sar from their dept they send me 13 years of credit card statements,of 4 credit cards they have only got 1 cca agreement dating back to 2000 which i think has been doctored ,there is a whole lot of wrong information for example the cca relates to a asset gold card but records show that it was a platinum card i took out and a hole host of mistakes so much so it leads me to beleive somebody has made a right mess of trying to change things, but yes on one hand part of the bank say they have no records the other part send you 13 years worth, i am nobody special if they hold these records for me i am sure it applies to everyone else, they are really hard work to deal with but i will not give in
  10. will get my grand son to do it for me as a pensiner i have not go a bloody clue how to do it,he will be up in the next couple of days,why do you think it is so important
  11. it gets worse. i have already challenged them on this they insist they can only look back six years. this is the credid card people but i pointed out that after a sar request 13years of accounts have been reeiled, they say and it is part in writing quote data protection legislation requires us to delete customer information from our files once any legitimate business or legal requirement to retain it has expired we therefore only have a need to keep credit card transactions for a period of 6 years as we would reasonably expect that any need to look at the figures including complaint investigations arise in that timescale, as such your account is longer than six years so we dont have any records, that is what is in writing via the phone they more or less said they will only look at what they are legally obliged to keep ie six years ,when i pointed out that another debt of tsb has these records they say they are not legallt obliged to look at them
  12. as far as i understand the data protection act banks are only required to hold data for six or seven years the reason being if a mistake was made or you wished to complain it was expected you would know about this within six years so there would be no need to hold on to data after this, but this was before the ppi scandal and the fact is thousands did not know they were being robbed and banks are using this guideline to pay out less . question we all know banks keep records for much longer than this as in my case for 13 years, but the bank are saying that due to data protection legislation even though they have the data they are not allowed to look at it in ppi cases over six years old work that one out
  13. thank you for that very helpful reply will take what you say onboard,would it help to confront the branch manager and ask for a explanation
  14. have already made some complaints passed from piller to post nobody wants to take responsability as afar as they are concerned there system is perfect,even though they have me down as opening my bank account in 1957.......when i was 11 years old,there reply your parents must have opened a account in your name,------my parents have been dead since i was 6 years old my grandmother who took washing in to make ends meet brought me up---it must have been her then ,they just will not listen,as far as the gross misconduct is concerned in 2008 i converted my credit card debt into a bank loan in a loydds tsb branch i surrenderd my credit card with the intructions to close and destroy it and that is the last i heard of it until i received details from sar which shows that the card not only had not been destroyed but had the 15000 pounds limit reduced to 1000 pounds and kept open and monthly statements produced which never came to me so who did these statements go to and there data says the card was not closed until 2011 work that one out
  15. they have admitted misselling it is the offer what is in dispute and what and the way they are doing things to reduce their payout do i go to the police witrh the evidence or what
  16. it is a bit complex in the sense that it has got to the stage that as a result of sar information it looks as though my data has been doctored and i need expert advice and on top of that there has without a doubt been gross miscoduct by one or more bank staff regarding my account
  17. i posted 3 new posts on this sight for some reason they did not appear anywhere ,then today was looking for ppi solicitors and filling my details in ,name tel number email address away from this sight and low and behold up popped the headers for the 3 posts i had attempted to put on consumer forums,anybody got any ideas as to what happened
  18. it is a brain teaser this one,the bank claim they have no idea when the card started or was paid off,but sar documents have shown 10 statements dating from 2000 which ppi was paid and then suddenly stpped,then years later i get a letter telling me now that i am 65 i am not covered for the unemployment section of the ppi,for a card number they claim they cannot find,to add to the mystery the only cca they could find clearly showsa a tick in the box for no ppi,so what card does the 10 statements relate to and the letter in 2011 about my 65th birthday and ppi they have admitted miselling it is the offer what is in dispute and how they arrive at it
  19. does anyone know what the legal position is when the bank cannot find any agreements relating to paid off credit cards and the effect that has on ppi claims
  20. i have received some from 2000,the banks act like the freemasons very very secretive you need a court order to find out,it is about time a whisleblower came to front and spoke out
  21. i have just reeived a pile from the year 2000,mind you they said the same to me i had to sar them to get these statements and i have to add the sar people are a class above the rest of the bandits at tsb ,it about time people power took control and hold a mass demonstration and instited the fraud squad go in
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